Summary: The third message in a verse by verse exposition of the book of Malachi.

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A Call From Corruption

Malachi 2:1-9

I. God’s Disdain for a Corrupted Priesthood (v. 1-4)

A. Corruption often begins when listening ends

1. Failure to hear hurts the heart

2. Failure to hear depletes God’s glory

B. Corruption brings a price to be paid

1. God’s hand of blessing may be removed

2. God’s ear will be turned away

3. Others may pay the price

C. Corruption may bring exposure

1. Corruption may bring extreme judgment

2. Corruption may cost you your place of ministry

3. Corruption will be overcome by God’s plan

II. God’s Delight in a Righteous Priesthood (v. 5-7)

A. A righteous priest will have the right view of God

1. A realization of who is in charge

2. A realization of proper fear

3. A realization of proper reverence

B. A righteous priest will have a proper testimony

1. A testimony of truth

2. A testimony of right speech

3. A testimony of influence

C. A righteous priest will have knowledge

1. A working knowledge of God’s word

2. A willingness to share His knowledge

3. A worthwhile call

III. God’s Determination Concerning Priestly Corruption (v. 8-9)

A. God’s judgment resulted from a vast departure

1. A departure from their call

2. A departure from their obedience

B. God’s judgment resulted from misrepresenting His word

1. God’s word is fixed

2. God’s word is to be proclaimed as is

C. God’s judgment resulted in a lost testimony

1. A testimony can be regained through humbleness

2. A testimony can be regained through repentance

3. A testimony can be regained by grace

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