Summary: Memorial Day 2007 A call to Remember for Israel and America through scripture

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A Call to Remember

Bro Rodney A. Fry

Memorial Day 2007 (May 27, 2007) NHBC

A Call to Remember

Deuteronomy 8

Memorial Day: a Day for Remembering

Set aside to remember those fallen in battle

We also remember all loved ones who have died

The Bible and Remembering

Joshua Set up stones to remember crossing Jordan (Josh. 4:9)

Jesus told His disciples to remember His words (John 15:20)

In communion, we remember Christ’s Death for us

God’s People were commanded to Remember

I. Remember the Leading of the Lord (vv. 1-2)

a. “Remember all the way which the Lord thy God Led Thee”

b. Israel had stood here before and doubted

i. This led to forty years of wandering

ii. Forty years of humbling

iii. Forty years of learning God leads His people

iv. Forty years of learning God’s word is true

c. America has come through many difficult times

i. Times when freedom’s future has been unsure

ii. Times when basic freedoms have been under attack

iii. Times when foreign enemies have threatened

iv. Times when domestic problems seemed too serious to solve

d. God has led the nation through dark times

i. We have triumphed over our enemies

ii. Times of refreshing have come from the Lord

iii. We need a spiritual refreshing (Revival) again

II. Remember the Chastening of the Lord (vv. 5-6)

a. “Thou shalt also consider (remember)”

i. A man chastens his Children

ii. God sometimes chastens nations

b. God chastened Israel

i. Their doubts cost them forty years of wandering

ii. A generation missed out on the Promised Land

c. God still chastens those He Loves (Hebrews 12:6)

i. Why should Christians remember this?

ii. Is it important that Americans remember this

d. What is happening in America that might bring chastening

i. What about the abortion tragedy?

ii. What about the drug and alcohol tragedies?

iii. What about the moral catastrophe?

e. A call to remember and repent before chastening falls

III. Remember the Faithfulness of the Lord (vv. 7-20)

a. “Remember the Lord thy God” (v. 18)

i. He gives you power to get wealth

ii. He establishes His covenants

b. How the Lord had been faithful to Israel

i. Manna for food (v. 3)

ii. Clothing and health (v. 4)

c. How God has been faithful to America

i. Bountiful harvest, unimagined wealth

ii. Protection in battles; the blessings of freedom


A Call to Remember and Be Thankful

A Call to Remember, Repent, and Return to the Lord

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