Summary: This a challenge to believers to bring God Back to the center of our lives

A Call to Worship

I Chronicles 15-16

Create/Prepare a Place for worship

1 After David had constructed buildings for himself in the City of David, he prepared a place for the ark of God and pitched a tent for it.

He acknowledged the presence of God

For the first time the service of praise was now introduced in the public worship of Israel.

When David reigned, he functioned as a priest as well as a king (1 Chron. 15–17).

He was able to do so because his right to rule was rooted in the Abrahamic Covenant rather than in the Mosaic Covenant. Had it been rooted in the Mosaic Covenant David could not have served as a priest since he was not a Levite.

But because his right to rule went back to the Abrahamic Covenant, obviously antedating the Mosaic Covenant, he could serve as a priest. David functioned according to the order of Melchizedek, not the order of Aaron (cf. Pss. 2, 110).

The book of Ruth then links David with the promises of a king that were given to the patriarchs and so prepares for the record of his reign that follows in 1 and 2 Samuel.

Cultivate a climate for worship

a) He called the people together v 3

One voice

One spirit

One goal/purpose

b) He instructed them to sanctify themselves

c) He appointed singers and musicians

1 people with gifts and talents v 17-22

. sanctify yourselves—This special sanctification, which was required on all grave and important occasions, consisted in observing the strictest abstinence, as well as cleanliness, both in person and dress (see on Ge 35:2; Ex 19:10, 15); and in the neglect of these rules no step could have been taken (2Ch 30:3).

Present a model or example of worship

David himself, dressed as the representative of the priestly nation, in an ephod, took part in the festivities, like one of the people.

He prepared himself for worship



Confront the conflict to worship

Michal, his wife, watching from a window . . . despised him for she mistook his holy zeal for exhibitionism

It is a sad sign of the decay into which the public services of the sanctuary had fallen in the time of Saul, that Michal saw in this nothing but needless humiliation of the royal dignity. She had loved the warrior, and she could honour the king, but “the daughter of Saul”22 could neither understand nor sympathise with such a demonstration as that in which David now took part. As she looked from her window upon the scene below, and mentally contrasted the proud grandeur of her father’s court with what she regarded as the triumph of the despicable priesthood at the cost of royalty, other thoughts than before came into her mind alike as to the past and the present, and “she despised David in her heart.”




The change that occurs as a result of worship

David blessed His House V43





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