Summary: It is important for us to note Judas was a man of promise. I think Jesus saw a great potential in him. In Judas He saw someone who could have been used in a mighty way in the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

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SCRIPTURE: ST. MATTHEW 26:14-16 / 47-50

We continue our “MARCH TOWARD CALVARY” during this Lenten Season. On last Sunday we considered the thought “JUDAS ISCARIOT: SO CLOSE, YET SO FAR.” I pray we were blessed by the message. This morning I want to continue, perhaps a Part II and let us consider further this Disciple by the name of Judas. I lift as a thought this morning – A Cheap Kiss.

If I were to ask everyone this morning in the Sanctuary to name the 12-Disciples, I am not convinced we could name each of them accurately, however; I am sure no one would miss identifying the name Judas on your list. He is one of the most recognized names among the original 12-Dicipes, but his life remains a sad mystery - or perhaps more accurately a sad tragedy. We understand how his life ended in suicide – he hung himself -- but the mystery of Judas revolves around missing the majesty of Christ while surrounded with opportunity.

• Judas goes beyond refusing to accept the gift of eternal life

• He betrays the Son of God with A Cheap Kiss


• To betray, one must first secure trust or loyalty of another

• An Enemy can attack you

• Your Competition may deceive you

• A Foe may plan for your destruction

• But betrayal is a grievous act committed by one who has pledged support

• Rejection may cause a Wound - But Betrayal pours salt to make it sting

• Failure may knock you off your Feet - But Betrayal kicks you while you are down

• Criticism and insult hurt your Pride - But Betrayal breaks your Heart

The Scriptures refer to Judas as "THE BETRAYER," and his betrayal was a kiss of death. Jesus chose not to use the first person pronoun (betray "me") when asking if Judas would "BETRAY THE SON OF MAN WITH A KISS."

• The Lord's use of His Messianic Title demonstrates the extent of the betrayal as more than a disagreement among friends

• Judas opposed the work of almighty God for selfish reasons

• Jesus exposes this arrogant kiss of betrayal as a despicable act of treason

Whenever I read this text, I feel a revulsion - a level of disgust that I don’t feel when I study the actions of history’s other traitors. This is because the actions of BRUTUS – JOHN WILKES BOOTHE – BENEDICT ARNOLD - pale in insignificance when compared to the treachery of Judas Iscariot.

• Judas didn’t betray his Emperor

• Judas didn’t betray his President or even his Nation

• Judas didn’t consult with Russia during Election Process

• No, he went far beyond that and betrayed Jesus Christ

• God’s only Son

• Who came to earth so that all people including Judas himself could be saved from their sins and experience the love of God in a personal way

At first glance JUDAS DIDN’T LOOK AT ALL LIKE THE TRAITOR TYPE. For example the name his parents gave him indicates he probably came from a loving home. I say this because his was once a very proud name in Jewish history. You may remember from your study of the OT that JUDAH or JUDAS was the name of one of the 12-TRIBES of the sons of Jacob who each headed up one of the twelve tribes of Israel.

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