Summary: When we give our lives to Jesus we become children of God, part of the almighty family, so we need to live like it, live fully in the knowledge that our hearts are good, that God loves us and Jesus will always be with us as we are his family

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Names are of critical importance, we might not realize the full importance and power in names, but I believe they are if you like the chemistry or building blocks of the kingdom of God and map out the things of God. Names indicate birth right, speak of who you truly are, God has your name, knows your name, I believe Jesus has the names of those who believe in him, graven on his heart never to be erased, always close to his love. This is the stuff of Gods covenants with people like Abraham, consider Jacob and Esau (Genesis:25), were Esau gave his birthright for a bowl of stew, Jacob wrestled with God for his new name, that of Israel and this whole issue of birth right and names, is the root of many of today’s conflicts between Arab and Jew, East and West, the earth still resonates to the legacy of birthrights and names. When we speak of Children, we speak of the high things of God, the heart of God. How great and wonderful is the love of God that those who believe in Jesus are called Children of God. The names and proposition put forward in this text refer to the highest names from God, the highest honor and greatest of privilege, to be call Sons and Daughters of God, is the highest of names, Children of God. Don’t expect praise from non Christians if you go around announcing I am a child of God, you are more likely to be mocked or locked up than accepted, if they don’t believe or accept God, what will the world care if you are one of his children? When babies are viewed for the first time, a comment is always made as to the family resemblance, “he looks just like his mother, has his father’s eyes, mother’s nose and on it goes”. So when we are called “children of God” guess who we are meant to look like, what family resemblance do we have? This is not physical resemblance we don’t have his nose or what ever, no we have his heart that God sees, knows and loves.

Who is this Jesus?

I would ask you to close your eyes for a moment and think of Jesus, does not matter if you believe in him or not. What do you see, who do you sense, what’s he like? Short, fat, slim, tall, radiant, long hair flowing, short hair cropped, beard clean shaven, white, black, Jewish or perhaps oriental? Can you imagine what the police photo fit of Jesus would look like; it would be constantly changing as all of the different perceptions are drawn? What do we mean to become like Jesus, what does that mean, perhaps to waft about in flowing white robes with a vibrant red crimson sash over the shoulder type number, long hair and blue eyes that seem to look straight into you, NO wait that can’t be it I’ll never be like that nor would you. It’s not the outward appearance that bothers God. It’s the appearance and condition of the heart that God looks at, looks to see if it is a heart that beats as his son’s does, looks for that Christ like rhythm and beat. That’s what we will be considering today the appearance of our hearts, that’s were the family resemblance must be.

Me a Child of God?

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