Summary: As christian we are called to be a chosen generation unto them that are lost.

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text: IPETER 2:9-10


· In this generation, we are living in it is very perverse and wicked on every corner. No reverence for GOD,country or any one with any type of authority. A generation that wears “no fear” I will do as I please for no one can stop me. You may say what is chosen about this generation. God chose you to be born into it. For he has called you to a purpose in this generation. Did you think you being born in this generation happen by chance. NO, GOD chose you to live in this geneartion.He has called you for a pupose in this generation. You ask what is his purpose in my life in such a wicked generation. I hope to deliver what GOD has laid upon my heart to help you, to enlighten you on you being a chosen generation.

· We that are born again beleivers are a chosen generation. A generation that has been set free from the bondage of sin. We were called out by GOD’s spirit, washed by the blood of the lamb,cleansed from all wickedness & impurities to become a holy people, peculiar people, separated from this world to a purpose of GOD’s elected calling: A ROYAL PRIESTHOOD

1) PRIEST DEFINITION: One who is consecrated to the service of a mediator between GOD and man.

2) ROYAL PRIESTHOOD : One who is appointed by the king to lead all in his laws and kings ordinances. Make pleas to the king for the people of this wicked generation. Consider highly by the king.EXODUS 19: 6 “AND YE SHALL BE A KINGDON OF PRIEST , AND AN HOLY NATION.

The children of Isreal was GOD’s chosen people, a chosen nation to be priests unto all other nations, to teach the laws and ordinances of GOD. Through GOD leading them out of captivety, breaking the bonds of Pharoah and destroying Pharoah in the red sea. Bringing them into the wilderness, giving them heavenly food from above, manna. Water springing forth from a rock quenched their thirst and continued them in life. God provided shelter from the heat in a cloud by day, and heat by fire at night. He made them a nation of people that was without a land of their own. He chose them to be a holy people, set apart for his service, a peculiar people for he purchase them, through the releasing of them from their captivety. For this purpose, they were called to worship and to obey GOD commandments and walk as his people after his own statutes. They were to become a completely separated people for him. By their separation and obedience they would be blessed of GOD all their enemies would be defeated, prosperity would be in abundance, and all nations would look to Isreal as a priest unto GOD. A nation that had found favor with GOD. Thus through this leading all nations to come and worship and to desire the presence of the almighty GOD.

Through Isreal’s lust of other nation’s idols and disobedience of GOD commandments. They allow themselves to become enticed into temptations and fell into worshipping vain idols and false gods. Thus they became a defiled nation. They were overcame by their enemies through their own desires. For they did not separate themselves as GOD had warn them. Through their own lust and self righteousness they denied even CHRIST who came to reconcil them back unto GOD. Through their denial of CHRIST we were engrafted in to become the elect of GOD.Through the admission and forgiveness of our sins in CHRIST JESUS our high priest, lord and master we are able to come boldly to the throne of GOD.

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