Summary: There is Judgement day coming. One for the lost...."The Great White Throne" (Rev. 20) And one for the Saved..."The Judgement Seat Of Christ." (1st Cor. 5:10)

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Introduction: One way or the other ALL will be giving an account for our sins and judged accordingly. When is a believer judged for his unconfessed sins? Not at the Judgement Seat of Christ!! The will be the Reward judgement (Bema Seat) Not a time for judging our sins. When then will a believer be judged for his unconfessed sins? It is in this life!! NOW!! Let’s see how God deals with a sinning believer who will not confess.

I. GOD CONVICTS THE SPIRIT: Ephesians 4:25-32 (Grieve not the Holy Spirit)

a.) God troubles our heart.

b.) God stirs our inner man.

c.) Grieve is a love be inwardly wounded.

II. GOD CHASTISES THE SHEEP: Hebrews 12:6-11 (For whom the Lord loves He chastenth)

a.) He is Father, we are the Children

b.) God know how to discipline His children


(But a certain fearful looking for of judgement)

a.) Calamity....Disaster, castastrophe, tragedy, woes,

b.) It’s an awful thing to fall into the hands of and angry God.

IV. GOD CALLS THE SAINTS HOME: 1st John 5:16 (There is a sin unto death.)

a.) There is a time when God says to one of His own...."ENOUGH."

b.)A time comes when the child of God has Ignored the Conviction to his spirit, Neglected to repent when Chastised; He has Disregarded one Calamity after another; God says.."COME HOME, YOUR TESTIMONY AS A CHILD OF MINE IS DOING MORE HARM THAN GOOD..BEFORE YOU BRING ANY MORE SHAME TO MY NAME...COME HOME."

**An Early Death!!!


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