Summary: We mustn’t keep the Good News to ourselves.

A Day of Good News

2 Kings 6, 7


Siege against Samaria (vs 24)

• Inside the city - great famine (vs 25)

• Donkey head - 80 shekels, 5 shekels for a little grain

• When hungry money doesn’t mean much

• Women were eating their young (vs 26-30)

Elisha’s message to the King ( 7:1)

• Suffering is ended - provision will return

• Kings officer doubts (vs 2)

Four lepers (vs 3)

• Either way we will die (vs 3-4)

• The camp was empty (vs 5)

• Went into camp and ate (vs 8)

• Another tent - and stashed gold and stuff

• What we are doing is wrong (vs 9)

• It’s a day of good news

• Let us report to the Royal palace.

The King takes action (vs 12)

• Thought it might be a trap (too good to be true)

• Take the horses that are left (vs 13)

• Two chariots (probably had more)

• Sent them after the Aramean army (vs 14)

The People took the plunder (vs 16)

• Words of the prophet came true

• Kings officer saw but did not eat

The Analogy:

Under siege all around us (enemy)

• Spiritual starvation -

• Things thought unreasonable now seem reasonable

• Young boy kills sister (human condition)

• Our church - they’re waiting for us to fold

The prophets message (Christ) "I’m with you to the end of the age"

Our Message - a beggar telling another beggar where we found bread

• They are hungry and starving

• We are not doing right (7:9) if we are keeping the news to ourselves

The enemy is routed before us! - even with skinny horses

Let’s pray for the sound of chariots, horses and a great army

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