Summary: When the power of God intersects with daily life the results are surprising and miraculous

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A Day of Surprises

Acts 3:1-10

I. The Routine

A. The routine of Peter and John

1. Peter and John were going to the Temple

a.) This was a part of their daily practice

b.) This is a time for prayer – Our time with God should never be routine

c.) Peter and John spent time with God on a regular basis

2. The crippled man’s routine

a.) Daily life was extremely difficult for this man

1.) H was lame

2.) He was physically unable to work

3.) He was forced to a life of begging

b.) This man went to a main temple gate everyday to beg

3. The man asks Peter and John for money

a.) The man begs for money from Peter and John

b.) Peter gives a favorable response

c.) The man looks at them expecting money

B. God works surprises in the routine

1. The ordinary becomes extraordinary with God

a.) God can use anyone, anywhere at anytime – This does include you!

b.) God’s power combined with our effort overcomes the impossible

2. God brings surprises through ordinary things

a.) A staff – God parted the Red Sea

b.) A stone – God kills a giant

c.) A cross – God sacrifices His Son

d.) An empty tomb – God brings the gift of salvation to the world

II. The Response

A. The surprise response

1. Peter speaks to the man

a.) This is a message of hope and healing

b.) Peter acknowledges the mighty power of God

c.) Peter give the man more than he expects

2. Peter grabs the man by the hand

a.) Peter takes bold action – He helps a cripple to his feet

b.) The man was healed

c.) Peter acted in bold faith – Lives are impacted for God when we move in bold faith

B. God brings surprises in the response

1. God takes an ordinary request and responds in an extraordinary way

a.) We try to do too much and expect God to do too little

1.) We rely on own power to do too much of the work of the church

2.) We let God do only what we “want”

b.) God wants to pour out the blessings of heaven upon us

2. When God works people are amazed

a.) People cannot ignore God’s work

b.) When God works lives are impacted

c.) God’s work far surpasses human effort

III. The Results

A. The final results

1. The man is able to walk

a.) He has been healed and restored

b.) He has been given back his life

c.) He has been given reason to rejoice

2. The crowds see the man

a.) The man rejoices in the Temple courts

b.) The people see him and recognize him

c.) Everyone realizes that God has been at work

B. God brings surprises in the results

1. God gets better results than we ever could

a.) Human effort can only take us so far

b.) God moves us beyond ourselves

1.) God can do a great work through you

2.) God wants do a great work through you

3.) God will do a great work through you

2. God works in conjunction with our action

a.) God moves in the life of the church

1.) God moves through means of faith

2.) God moves through means of prayer

3.) God moves through means of obedience

b.) God magnifies His power and His presence when He works through His people

1.) God can do anything!

2.) God proves His power when he does the impossible through human beings

c.) God does His best when our ability is at its least

1.) God doesn’t need for us to have extraordinary abilities, resources or gifts – these usually get in the way

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