Summary: July 4th. When we celebrate our independence we should also look to the Bible and find our what true independece is all about

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Romans 7:1-8:4

A Declaration of Independence


A. This week we will be celebrating the Countries 227th birthday.

B. One of my favorite holidays

C. July 4 1776 we signed the declaration of Independence

D. Basically this document said that we were no longer a part of any one

E. WE were a Free nation

F. We had freedom

G. Freedom is a world we love to through around

H. You can take my freedom a way from me as the boy was getting grounded from use of the car

I. You cant take my freedom a way from me as the courts ruled against a man caught in child pornography

J. You cant take my freedom a way from me as the murder was convicted to 35 years in jail

K. What is true freedom?

L. I will be honest with you, true freedom is only found in Christ

M. I am going to need your help today.

N. As we did in VBS all week when I say ¡§Freedom in Christ¡¨

O. You say OK and give me the ok sign. Let practice

P. Today we are going to look at

a. Freedom from the Law

b. Freedom from frustration of self

c. Freedom from Condemnation

I. We are free from the Law (7:1-6)

A. Explanation

1. When Paul starts this section he specifically indicates to us that he is talking to Jews

a) Why? Because Jews knew the law.

2. Now Paul gives us an illustration from marriage

3. He talks about how if your spouse dies you are released from the marriage

4. Now Paul takes that thought and applies it to the law

5. We know that if you were to follow the law down to the very last bit, theoretically, make it to heaven

6. However, we know that man is incapable of that due to sin, Romans 3:23 for all have sinned, sin brakes the law

7. But Christ came and offered Himself as a substitute for all of us

8. He offered the perfect sacrifice

9. The bound of the law is broken

10. We are free from the burden of the law

B. Application

1. What does that mean in our lives?

2. DO TO BE¡K let me explain that phrase and what it means to us

3. If you were to be righteous by keeping the law had to DO certain things TO BE Righteous

4. In the book of James 2:10 ¡§Whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it¡¨

5. Therefore, no one could be righteous because everyone broke part of the law

6. However, Jesus broke the bondage of the law

7. We are free

8. We are declared righteous in his sight ¡V Justified

9. All accounts are settled

10. Freedom from the Law

C. Illustration

1. I think we have a hard time accepting this because of what society tells us

a) Your only valuable if ¡§you have a 6 figure job¡¨

b) You only valuable if ¡§ You are pretty¡¨

c) You only valuable if ¡§ You have a DR in front of your name¡¨

d) Your only valuable if ¡§fill in the blank

2. Because of Jesus we have freedom from that

3. WE are free from the burden of having to do be

4. WE are free and have value in Christ

5. Have you experience that freedom? If you haven¡¦t come talk to me NOW!

6. Christ can set you Free!

7. Freedom In Christ (OK?)

II. We are free from the frustration of the flesh (7:14-25)

A. Explanation

1. This next portion of Scripture is one of my favorites

2. One of the first times that I read I actually understood it

3. Paul uses the word I a plethora of times in this passage

a) Now there is debate about the meaning of I here. I am settle in my mind the purpose of all the I¡¦s let me explain

b) There are many times I will use I from up hear to reinforce the idea that I am going through the same problems and struggles as everyone else

c) Paul I think is using I to make sure the reader understands he knows were there coming from

4. What is frustration of the flesh? Other then our second point ļ Frustration of the flesh sound like a great theological term, but lets look at verse 15 for a better understanding

5. READ 15

6. Stuff like that leads to frustration. Can you all relate? Shake your head.

7. Frustration over this is good. It means you care, it means you want to do good

8. Let me just say if this stuff does not frustrate you, you have a serious spiritual problem that we need to talk about

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