Summary: A christian must have a consistent, daily time of bible study. Scripture is the ksy foundation for our understanding of what it means to follow Jesus Christ. Why is this so? Paul effectively challenges Timothy to continue in the scriptures and teaches him

Devotional Life built on Bible Study

II Timothy 3:10-16

A christian’s Devotional Life is made up of these 3 disciplines:

Bible Study



Any effective devotional life must include a consistent habit and pattern of studying the Word of God.

Why must my devotional life include bible study?

Because bible Study for a believer is our…

Foundation “which are able to make you wise for salvation”

Direction “carefully followed my doctrine, manner of life, purpose”

Protection “reproof, correction, instruction”

Completion “that the man of God may be complete”

How does Bible Study impact my life?

Why does studying the bible have such a profound impact on my life? Paul teaches Timothy exactly how the Word of God influences our lives in tangible ways. First, scripture creates a connection to God.

“given by inspiration of God”

“inspiration” = God- breathed

How does Bible Study impact my life?

In addition to the fact that the bible is literally “God-breathed”, scripture actually generates faith in Jesus because of this “living” quality. Paul describes this truth by reminding Timothy that it is scripture that is “able to make you wise for salvation THROUGH FAITH WHICH IS IN JESUS CHRIST”. (See also Romans 10:17)

How do I develop a “continuing” discipline?

Here are several steps to developing a continuing habit of bible study:

Submit to the command to “continue.”

Develop a plan. Time, place, tools

Devotional Supports - First Look; Life Group/sermon notes; Inductive Bible Study; “committed reading” through devotional guide; Through the Bible in One Year

Obey a verse a day. Paul says Timothy has “carefully followed my doctrine, manner of life”. That means he had the habit of behaving scripture in his daily life.

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