Summary: James teaches the importance of expressing strong faith when we pray to God and expecially when we pray for wisdom.

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A Double Minded Man is Unstable in All His Ways


A. Turn in your bibles to James 1:6-8. This passage gives us the opportunity to ask the question: What does it mean to be double minded?

1. James 1:6-8 tells us that a doubter is one who is unstable in all his ways: Let’s read James 1:6-8, “………..”

2. The phrase double minded appears only one other time in the KJV. In James 4:8 it is used by James in showing the sinfulness of being double minded. Let’s read James 4:8

3. A man or woman that is double minded has two ways of thinking that essentially war with each other:

a. Turn and let’s read the warning that Christ gives in Matthew 6:24.

b. Turn to Philippians 2:2. Here, Paul is encouraging Christians to be single minded.

B. Faith and doubt are opposites.

1. Faith produces action: Turn and read Genesis 12:1-4; cf. Hebrews 11:8-10.

2. Turn to Matt. 14:22-31. Here we learn that doubt causes hesitation, indifference, and failure: Let’s read Matthew 14:22-31.


I. First, In Our Discussion We Want to Emphasize That Doubt Produces Instability!

A. Turn to 1 Kings 18:21. This is one of many passages that teach that being indecisive and unstable is not pleasing to the Lord:

1. Let’s read I Kings 18:21.

2. Turn and let’s read Ephesians 4:14. God doesn’t want instability in his Christians.

3. Turn to Revelation 3:15-16. Here, an entire congregation is rebuked because of their luke warmness and instability. Let’s read Rev. 3:15&16.

B. Consider some things that can affect us in our work as Christians if we doubt the Lord:

1. Turn to Matt. 7:7. This verse cause us to ask, if we doubt that God will provide, will we pray? Let’s read Matthew 7:7.

2. Turn to Luke 6:47-49. This passage causes us to ask, if we doubt the truthfullness of Christ’s word, will we obey? Let’s read Luke 6:47-49.

3. Turn to 2 Cor. 5:1-4. This passage causes us to ask, if we doubt the reward of Heaven, will we press forward to that prize? II Corinthians 5:1-4

4. Turn to Hebrews 4:12. This passage causes us to ask, if we doubt the power of the word of God, will we preach it to others? Let’s read Hebrews 4:12.

a. Turn and let’s read Romans 1:16.

b. Turn and let’s read Luke 8:15. This is the kind of heart that all Christians need to have. This shows faith and not doubt.

5. If we doubt the reality of death and judgment, how can we live for today? James 4:13-14

6. If we doubt the providence of God, will we cast our anxieties upon Him? I Peter 5:6-7

II. Secondly, Let’s Discuss Some Things That Produce Doubt in the Minds of Christians and Cause us to Question our Faith. As We Learn What Produces Doubt, Maybe We Will Learn to Avoid These Things.

A. Turn to Acts 13:6-12. Here, we will read that false doctrine causes doubt.

1. False teachers set the course to keep you from hearing truth. Let’s read Acts 13:6-12.

2. Turn to 2 Tim. 2:15-18. This passage teaches that false doctrine eats away at our soul, like cancer eats away at our body. Let’s read II Timothy 2:15-18.

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