Summary: Though Joseph was betrayed and the dream of Joseph was interrupted with him being sold to slavery it was not the timing of God to let this dream come to past in his infancy but rather his matured age of 30.

A Dream Interrupted

Joseph was the eleventh son of Jacob and the first son of Rachael and was his father’s favorite son, However, he was hated by his jealous brothers, because he was a dreamer and he had special care and attention given unto him. It is hard to understand why they were so grievous of these little things when they could have looked at the big picture and that was that they had strategic position for a thriving commercial system.

assuming as it is today:

Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Safeway, Fred Meyer, New Season, and for there time a Mall of Samaria.

They took it upon themselves and sold him off into slavery to a passing caravan of Ishmaelites.

Joseph here Is seen to be a servant or a helper (lad) to his brothers and because of that is commissioned by his father to go check on his brothers and after doing so he brings back a report that there actions were evil (Evil Report).

The fact that Jacob loved Joseph more than all of his sons indicates that he had not learned anything about favoritism from his previous experience with his brother Esau.Genesis 25:28

Why Did Joseph’s Brothers Hate Him

1) Young 2) Arrogant 3) Snitch 4) Favor 5) Dreamer (Revealing His Dream of being over his family)

His starting point was grim because he lacked 10 essential elements:

1) Respect 2) Experience 3) Emotional Strength 4) People Skills 5) discipline 6) Vision 7) Momentum 8) Timing 9) Wisdom 10) Humility

Because of these things he caused his brothers to be:

1) Angry 2) Prideful 3) Unforgiving

The Plot To Kill Joseph

Dothan 12 Miles North of Samaria


Shechem 8-9 Miles South of Samaria

Joseph would have had to walk approximately 28 miles which would be a 2 ½ days

A Dream Interrupted


The Good news is that you can grow regardless of your staring point.

Four Phases We’re Going To Go Through Before Our Dream Will Manifest

1) I Don’t Know What I Don’t Know

Everyone starts out in a state of ignorance, that’s where Joseph began

2) I Know What I Don’t Know

It took a life-Changing incident to captures Joseph’s attention and start him on the road to change.

3) I Know And Grow And It Starts To Show

He didn’t succeed because he suddenly got good at age 30; he succeeded because he paid the price for 13 years.

4) I Simply Go Because of What I Know

Everyone needs time to develop but time alone cannot make someone effective. Some never discover the Law of Process “We Develop Daily and Not In a Day.” Some never work at growth and remain at Phase 1 there entire life.

3 Things In Life Are Never Certain W/Out Application

1) Your Dreams

2) Your Success

3) Your Fortune

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