Summary: A faith that cannot be tested, cannot be trusted. This is a sermon on Abraham & Isaac.

A Faith Test – Abraham & Isaac

Gen. 22:1-14


1. A faith that cannot be tested, cannot be trusted.

 Write that down … don’t trust your faith until you have first allowed God to test it.

2. ILL.: watching a documentary the other night of a guy building an airplane. Once he completed his work, he had to test the plane to see if it would fly – how would you like to be the one who has to ride a plane that has never been flown or tested?

ILL.: reminds me of the woman who had to have surgery. She says to the doctor, “Doc, I’m nervous, this is my 1st surgery.” He replies, “I know how you feel, this is my 1st too.”

3. There are two types of tempting that we find in the Bible:

a. The devil tempts us to do wrong in order to cause us to stumble and fall.

b. The Lord tempts us to do right in order to stand firm in our faith.

 Some don’t like using the word “tempt” and “God” in the same sentence.

 Can quote James 1:13 which says, Let no one say when he is tempted, “I am being tempted by God”; for God cannot be tempted by evil, and He Himself does not tempt anyone.

 This passage is speaking of negative – or sinful temptation – which God will never do.

 However, the Bible is clear that God does tempt – or should I say test those who serve Him.

4. In the story of Abraham, we find 3 times that God tests him:

a. God calls Abraham to leave his people & his country and go out, without knowing where God was leading him.

b. God makes a covenant with Abraham that he will be the father of many, and then makes him wait 25 years to see the fulfillment of that promise.

c. God tells Abraham to sacrifice the very one – Isaac – with whom that convenant is to be fulfilled.

Again: A faith that cannot be tested, cannot be trusted.

Outline of our text

1. This is a great story.

 Picture Abraham sitting around a campfire, having a conversation with God ...

“So, Abe, how’s it going?”

“Oh, great … couldn’t be happier.”

“How’s Isaac?”

“Oh, what a kid! I mean, a real chip off the ole block! He’s just like his old man … I love it! Nice now that the diaper stage is over …”

“It’s been an interesting journey, eh Abe?”

“Yeah. What a story. I mean we really laughed when you told us we were going to have a kid – me at 100, Sarah at 90.”

“I could see why it would be funny.”

“And then, we have to wait another 25 years before Isaac is born! Hmmm …”

“Made any plans for his future?”

“Oh, yeah! I mean, sure, I’m rich … but have you seen the cost of tuition these days? Man! I’ve already set up a fund for his education … putting a little aside each week. He’s pretty skilled with his hands … maybe he’ll be a doctor.”

“Can I make a suggestion?”

“Of course, God. I mean, after all, he wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you … he is the promised boy, after all.”

“I want you to take him to Moriah and sacrifice him to me as a burnt offering.”

“Umm … could you repeat that, some birds were flying by, making noise, I know I didn’t hear you correctly”

“I want you to take him to Moriah and sacrifice him to me as a burnt offering.”

2. What would you have done?

 God had never before asked for a human sacrifice.

 Some of us would have begun to cast out satan!

 “Get behind me devil! How dare you trick me! I thought I was talking to God, but it was you! I cast you down enemy!”

 Some of us would have argued with God.

 “But God, this is Isaac we’re talking about! How can You ask me to kill the one you going to use to fulfill the convenant you made with me?” “This doesn’t make sense here God …”

3. What did Abraham do?

 V. 3a – “Early the next morning …”

 No waiting, no arguing, Abraham heard from God, and obeyed – immediately.

 How could he just get up and go?

 Because Abraham’s faith was such that he knew God is in control – He knew God could be trusted even when things don’t make sense.


1. It is far too easy to begin to worship the promises of God more than we worship God Himself.

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