Summary: How one man came to know Jesus Christ.

A Father’s Dilemma

Mark 9:14-29

Introduction: This story is about a father who came to know Christ. He did not do it alone, nor did he do without reservation. His story is a model for many of us.

NLT “…Help me not to doubt.” WE “…Help me to believe more.”

I. Desperation – This father was sunk by his helplessness to cure his son

A. No where else to turn.

B. A cry for help.

1. The father’s helplessness over his son is a model for our helplessness before Christ.

C. Christ meets us.

II. A little faith – No faith begins large - ILLUS 458 – Arrow across gorge begins to build a mighty bridge.

A. Doubts are normal

1. Helps us to recognize faith

1. The only one who fully believed was an evil spirit.

B. Admit your faults

1. No one has a perfect faith, but a perfect God works with our imperfections!

C. Christ will fix you.

1. Jesus often said: “Your faith has healed you.”

2. Jesus’ miracles were always to increase faith, that’s one of the 2 things the father asked for.

a. Our faith

b. Other’s faith

III. Prayer and Fasting – Mt 17:20-21 – Disciples lacked faith to heal the boy. They tried to do it own their own. Possibly to impress the teachers of the law. Mom and the mountain.

A. We maintain our strength through prayer.

B. Purpose of fasting is to discern God’s will.

C. Apart from God we are nothing.

D. “Anything is possible” does not mean we can do anything, but that faith puts no limits on God!

Conclusion: Perhaps you are here today thinking your faith isn’t strong enough. Perhaps you recognize your helplessness before God. If you will just step forward with a little faith, God will move the mountain.

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