Summary: Fishing For Men


A) In this passage of Scripture, you find the largest catch of fish that is

recorded in the Bible.

* It’s where Jesus changed people’s lives and it was the beginning of where Jesus

began training people to spread the gospel.

* It’s a place where God can change your thinking and your attitude toward the

things in your past and give you a hope for the future.

B) In a day and age where the sky is the limit, opportunity can knock around

any corner.

* You would be surprised on how many people never take a risk and live far short

of the life they were intended to live.

* They do not learn from their mistakes or worse, never do anything outside of their

own comfort zone.

C) This Scripture ought to have you look at your own faults .......

* But it should also encourage you to get out of the boat and get into a deeper

relationship with the Lord.

* There is something here for everyone if you would be sensitive to the Lord’s

leading today.

D) Let’s first go over the things we talked about in this morning’s service.


A) First: It Was A Place Of Intimacy – v.3.

* Peter’s boat had been a place of toil, labor, and frustration and used to make a

meager living until Jesus got on board.

* When Jesus got on that boat, it became a place of personal closeness, intimacy,

and fellowship, and now all of them could be close to Jesus Christ.

B) Second: It Was A Place Of Instruction – v. 1; 3

* Jesus turned that humble vessel into a pulpit from which He preached the Word

of God.

* Those on board and those within hearing distance were given the privilege of

hearing Christ instruct them in the things of the Lord.

C) Again, that is a picture of the church – When we come to this place, we should

find it to be a place of instruction for souls.

* From the opening, to the preaching time, the Word of God should be the focus, and

instruction in righteousness should be our goal and our commitment.

* Biblical teaching should be the distinguishing characteristic of every true church.

* God says to the preacher in 2 Tim. 4:2 “Preach the word; be instant in season,

out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine.”

D) Third: It Was A Place Of Irritation – v.5.

* Peter is obviously irritated because he and the other fishermen there had fished

all night and caught nothing ... These men were tired; frustrated and defeated.

* They had done everything in their power to be successful, and they had failed.

E) v.2 tells us that these guys weren’t even in their boats ... They were on the

shore washing their nets.

* They were engaged in good work and in busy work; but they weren’t

accomplishing the greatest work ... That is, catching fish.

* That boat that day had become a place of irritation.

F) Does that ever sound like the church to you? – Do you ever get frustrated?

* Do you ever get irritated? ... Do you ever just get tired?

* We come here week after week ... We sing, we pray, we preach, we testify, we shout,

and we go home.

G) Then we come back at the next service and do it all over again.

* We’re busy, and we’re doing a good thing; but it seems like something is missing.

* What could it be? ... We aren’t catching any fish.

H) It isn’t that Peter and those other men didn’t know how to fish.

* They were professionals, but they still struck out that night.

* We know how to fish around here, don’t we?

I) We have the right bait – We have the right tackle .......

* And we know where the fish are, but we just can’t seem to get them in our boat.

* And sometimes, it is frustrating ... Wouldn’t you agree?


A) First: There’s A Command In v. 4.

* Jesus issues a two-fold command to Peter and the men in the boat .......

* He tells them to “Launch out and let down.”

B) A couple of observations here – One: There was nothing wrong with

the vessel or the boat – The vessel here represents the church.

* The boat was seaworthy, and Jesus ordered them to take it out into deeper water.

* By the way, there’s nothing wrong with the church this evening either ... We just

need to launch out.

C) Two: The Vessel Needed To Go Where The Fish Were.

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