Summary: I see everybody in America as an eagle but everybody cannot be trained to fly like one because most people have fallen under the labeling theory.

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2Samuel 24: 1 - 15

Revelation 1: 8

I could name the biblical names of the family of Hezron and David if I wanted too but what I want to talk to you about is keep your hands off of the ark, the ark is the spirit that we reverence when we’re out doing our free wills. You can drank whatever you want to drank; you can smoke whatever you want to smoke, and he lets us fulfill our desire’s and they are so good and he know this, don’t count everything you do because God wants to see who you gone turn to when you finish. God wants us to stop counting our wrongs because there discouraging, know that he is not a sometime God, but he’s there all the time. Imagine a God who is there looking for anything to send us to hell.

He hears and see’s everything at the same time and, and you think he’s angry at you because you’re weak in the faith. God is waiting to make you strong. He’s got all the strength from one end of earth to the other end. God created all things, and he knows all about light and darkness all of creation is under his feet. When he said that he chases those that he love; I know from firsthand experience that’s the best kind of experience; you can get I see lightening over my house frequently. I’m not trying to stand up to him but I’m trying to bow down so get out my way. Get out my way conflict of interest, get out my way censorship, and get out my way the law of sin and death.

Saint’s, I get so tired of people trying to place an insignia on me until God makes that tiredness folded over into strength that’s why we walk the way he walked. Bp just got in the way when he was passing by. “A comprehensive 2009 inventory of offshore Gulf species counted 15,700. The area of oil the spill includes 8,332, including more than 1,200 birds, 1,400 mollusks, 1500 crustaceans and 11 humans died.” If God is trying to send us a message, we better not be worrying about things like September 11 but we better worry about when he do decide to pass by again. He’s passing by again and again but every now and then he makes a special visit.

You can see him throughout the media not everybody knows it’s him. You and I know that God likes to shine on media too and all eyes are watching it. If that wasn’t a hit you tell me what it was. The bible talks about God being a killer and a terrible God. Know body is going to blame God because; know body has not ever seen him nor can we see him and live. God can get away with murder without being caught. That’s why God said the law of sin and death is at enmity with the spirit, don’t let anyone label you so the transference of a spirit can play it out the curse nature starting way back in the Garden of Eden is free until it is apprehended.

God stays loyal even when we do wrong; I believe when he decides to take out vengeance on us; how much mercy he show’s depends on three choices and he lets us chose one of them. Why do you think people die before their time; living opposite of the way he wants us to live brings three choses on sooner then we expect. We’re facing three chose’s every day, stay the way you are; do something about it start trying to change some things, or just mummer and complaint. We don’t know who God gone send to us with three chose’s, and guest who got to choose one. “Our government promises to be the husband of the mother without one. Every need is met.

There are special loans for homes, starting businesses, preferential treatment guaranteed in search of employment, financial aid for sustenance needs, housing assistance, and health care and so on. So, of course women don’t need husbands. This reality is not lost on men.” Don’t marry because you want somebody to play your bills but marry because you want to be with that person. Out of three choose one, I read in an article about men that have a hard time chosen one. Mustafa Yusuf said “Choosing between two women is the toughest question in a man's life. Because, you might like both of them equally for completely different reasons.

It might even happen that the two women together completes the women of your dream.” I don’t know about you but that is so true but that’s not the kind of truth I want. When you know Jesus, you know who you want. I don’t want to love two masters; it’s possible but I don’t want to take that chance; I’m not saying don’t hang out with him or her. All I’m saying is when you love the lord everything that is good is good all the time. Don’t let others draw you away from the love of Jesus, because know body is great enough to pull his love away from us. This is God’s love for David; his mercy endures forever, and so David says “ let us fall now into the hand of the Lord; for his mercies are great: and let me not fall into the hand of man” watch closely you gone see God’s love and so the lord sent pestilence upon Israel seventy thousand men died.

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