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Summary: A Foretaste of Glory is our opportunity to praise God now prior to our time of eternal praise.

Scripture: Revelation 4:1-11 Text: Revelation 4:1

Title: “A Foretaste of Glory”

When you read the book of Revelation you need to understand that it is apocalyptic literature. In other words it is literature written in symbolic forms to describe end times. Not only is it apocalyptic, it is also eschatological. That is to say it is a study of the last things or the end of the world and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

There are four theological schools thought on the purpose of the book of revelation:

1) There is a futuristic school that says that the book was written to describe events to come in the future.

2) There is a historistic school that says that the book was written to describe events that have happen in the past.

3) There is an idealistic school which says that though symbols the book describes the struggle between good and evil.

4) There is a preteristic school which says that the book was written to provide hope to the exiles by given them assurances of God’s power and purpose so that they would have hope and faith in salvation and judgment.

I subscribe to the preteristic school of thought for I believe that The Book of Revelation tells us that God is sovereign and in control of human destiny. That his victory is already manifested in heaven and is guaranteed in the work of Christ and will triumph on the earth.

In others words, God will be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven.

The key to the reading of the book of Revelation is to understand the John was exiled on the island of Patmos. With the scorpions, lizards and God lifted him up and he was taken up to Heaven in the spirit.

Let me stop here and tell you that Revelation means – Re velatio- to uncover that which had been previously hidden.

This is what John does as he begins describe Jesus in anthropomorphic terms. He gives human qualities to spiritual things. His hair is like wool. His eyes as fire. His feet like fine brass. His voice like the many waters.

That’s good news! It’s good to know that even though we serve God in spirit and in truth; that he has hands that will hold you in the comfort of his care.

It’s good to know that “Just when you need him most.” He will walk with you and talk with you and tell you that he is your own and the joy you share as you tarry there none other will ever know.”

He does all this to give us “A Foretaste of Glory.” Foretaste means not yet/ but already.

It a theological concept that describes the Kingdom of God. It’s not yet, but it is already.

Let me explain it this way. My mother would make some of the most delicious yellow cake with chocolate icing. She would take two days to prepare the cake. She would lay out all the ingredients on the table. Sure enough, she would give me the spoon to lick and the left over batter in the bowl. I would lick the spoon and eat the remaining batter. I can tell you that the cake was not yet ready, but it was already good.

Foretaste – not yet, but already.

In the 4th Chapter of Revelation, John writes what the Lord is revealing to him.

He says he sees a throne – means the ultimate authority of God and he begins to describe what he sees sitting on the throne.

He says that it looked like jasper. Jasper is a stone, which is clear and brilliant. It’s more brilliant and clearer than a diamond. In fact the closer you get to it the better it looks. John was trying to tell us that Jesus is the only one that the closer you get the better he looks.

Unlike people, in life you’ll find that Prince Charming will lose his charm; that Cinderella will lose her golden slipper. People have warts and pimples and bruises. The closer you get to people; sometimes you’ll find the worse they become.

Jesus is the only one that the closer you get, the better he looks. That why Jesus is always saying come unto me you who are heavy laden for I will give you rest.

John sees a sardine stone, which is a stone, that is reddish in color and the gemnologists cuts facets on every side. Such that when you whatever angle you look at it you will see a reflection.

In other words, He is saying that Jesus will be what you want him to be when you want him to be. When you are sick – He’s a doctor. When you are lonely – He’s a friend that stickiest closer than a brother. When in trouble – He’s a lawyer.

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