Summary: Christians today have lost the real Christianity of old. We must leave our "religion" and seek the Biblical Truths.

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A Form Of Godliness

2 Timothy 3:1-6; 1 Kings18:21

God’s Word is clear - in the end times man will fall away from His Word and law

We are told in 2 Timothy and again in Revelation 3

In 1 Kings we also see the indecision of the Israelites

Elijah was prophesying and may not have even been aware

Gods Word is clear that we must choose who we are going to serve

As they met on Mt Carmel we could say many will be “Carmel coated Christians”

Looks and sounds good but with no power

The Bible is clear, if you have God and His Spirit – you have power

Satan has confused and deceived many

Eyes are so callused they couldn’t see the truth if it was handed to them

Quote: They’ve seen enough weak-kneed, empty-headed, two-faced, finger-pointin’, big talkin’, no walkin’, wimpy actin’, church-playin’, Godless-livin’, non-givin’, doubt’n, pout’n, gossip-spoutin’, 3 strikes and you’re out’n, “I got problems big as a mountain”, cussin’ on Friday but Sunday morning shoutin’, Christians!

Elijah says Carmel coated Christianity won’t cut it

How can you light anyone’s fire with watered down Gospel

If your fire isn’t burning, you will never “cook” the devil

If your not real you will be exposed as a fraud

A strong, “on fire” Christian is quite the opposite

Lives are encouraged – whether you see it or not

People notice the empowerment of Jesus Christ

Your life will make an impact on people, noticed or not

BUT if your not, people will never want what you have!

How much more does God have to say about the end times?

He is not looking for religion

He is looking for people who love Him and His laws

Many want His love but no part of His laws

Much Christianity is in the church and not in the heart

What we need to know is God will judge the “heart” NOT the “Head”

Examine your heart and be honest – God will be VERY HONEST

The rapture is so close and many are not ready for it

If Christians were ready for it we would see more power

1. God Says Perilous Times Will Come

Perilous - through the idea of reducing the strength; difficult, i.e. dangerous, or (by implication) furious:

There will be a reduction in strength

Because we have left Jesus Christ outside

Rev 3:20 Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.

Church services go on without the Lord with them

People see the gifts working NOT knowing it is not of God

We need the power of God working in our lives and churches

There will be dangerous times ahead and are here now

Without strength the times are very dangerous

Satan loves Christians with no power of God in them

He sits back and laughs at us as we play “Religion”

We must realize how dangerous Satan is without God on our side

The bible says we are lovers of ourselves and our lifestyle

Read V2-5 again

Elijah saw the Israelites were lovers of whatever “FELT GOOD”

God says we will be the same loving our lifestyles more than Him

He names many of the wicked ways of mankind as example

Without God times will be perilous and dangerous

Satan will have and has a playground to wreak havoc in

Times don’t have to be dangerous and perilous

BUT we need to allow God to intervene

We need to follow His ways and laws

2. Elijah and Paul Saw the Wicked Ways of Mankind

God sees us worshipping anything but Him as wicked

Israelites tried to “ride the fence”

2004 Christians are no different – DON’T condemn them

Many are happy to attend church and live like the devil

Talk in tongues on ‘Sunday and talk like the devil other days

People today put many things before God

He condemns this and WILL send people to Hell

People today don’t really believe they can go to Hell

Gods Word again is clear, He must come first

Notice Elijah gave the warning and the people said nothing

God didn’t tell us to change anyone JUST to proclaim

He told us to GO and Tell NOT to BRING and Tell

Everyone we witness to will not become saved

But call sin a sin and don’t water it down

3. They Had and Have a Form of Religion

God says to make up your mind

Be “cold” or “hot”

Never lukewarm as Israel was and Christians are

They deny the power thereof

We need the power so much why would we deny it?

This verse verifies God wants to give it and it is available

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