Summary: The Struggle continues as Jesus deals with His Disciples. God goes to the extreme implementing "Visual Aids", "Live Witnesses" and "Audio from Heaven"......but they still don't get it.

“Frustrated Jesus" Sermon 2

Mark 9

Summerfield Baptist Church / Gregg Griffin Sr. 6.22.14 A.M. Service

I can recall while working that on the occasion that someone made a huge mistake, my boss would look at whoever the manager was over the employee who made the mistake and say, “It looks like you have a teaching opportunity”. We understood exactly what he said. With those few words he was letting us know that while the person that mistake was responsible for it, his manager was also responsible for not teaching them better to begin with, and would certainly be responsible if it happened again.

As we learned last week, Jesus was frustrated that His disciples did not seem to be fast learners. In Mark 8 Jesus has to review the feeding of the multitudes with his disciples, and teach then get them past their obsession with the feeding of the multitudes. It was like once he reminded them of the feeding, then they kept going back to that. “It’s because we forgot the bread” they remarked, when Jesus told them to beware of the yeast of the Pharisees. He then heals a blind man and predicts His death for the first time. Jesus continues teaching them as that chapter closes and we find that the Teachable Moments” continue in the lives of the disciples as we move into chapter 9. In fact the first verse of chapter 9 is in reality the end of the events taking place in chapter 8, as He tells them that some would not taste of death before they saw the Kingdom of God has come with Power. That takes place on the Day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit, the counseling, comforting, convicting Spirit of the Triune God.

In our own lives we find ourselves in God’s classroom many times, and more often than not, totally unaware of it. For example, what is often seen as unanswered prayer, may be God teaching us patience. What we may see as God punishing us, may be God teaching us Humility. Their are many times in our lives that what may appear to be a negative event, and even painful, may be for our own good as God teaches us those life lessons we need to learn to become more like Christ.

As we pick up in chapter 9, we find that Jesus continues to teach his disciples and us as well. You recall that last week we ended with Jesus telling His disciples and us that we need to learn to deny ourselves, pick up our cross and follow Him.

Six Day’s later we find Jesus trudging up the mountain with some training for the inner circle of Disciples, James, John and Peter. And it begins pretty much with a test on what He had taught them the week before.

Jesus said follow me in Chapter 8, and in Chapter 9 it tells us He led them up high on a mountain where they were all alone.

If we are willing to follow Jesus, we must also be willing to go where he leads.

You recall from reading the scripture, it would be Peter who would say, “I will follow you Lord where ever you go”….and yet he would not even acknowledge knowing Him when Jesus was led away to Calvary.

Jesus may lead you high up on a mountain as He did here with the inner circle of Disciples, or He may lead you deep into a valley at times.

He will lead you where you need to go to learn what you need to learn.

Our responsibility is to follow.

Notice also that they were alone.

They were learning. They had denied the creature comforts, such as they were at that time and went high upon the mountain all alone with Christ.

It’s during these times, often when we least expect it, we learn a great lesson.

Often times we miss the lesson because we are focused on ourself instead of our Savior.

It is good to ask in any life situation, “What may God be trying to teach me”?

The events about to take place were not for all the disciples, only these three.

So we can also see that sometimes the lesson is for a specific few or perhaps even one.

What these three experience is like nothing else the would experience except perhaps the ascension of Christ in Acts 1.

II. The Lesson

A. Jesus was about to reveal His deity to these three in a way that far surpassed healing of the blind, feeding of multitudes, or turning wear into wine.

B. Before their very eyes Jesus is Transfigured. He takes on a different appearance.

C. Notice also that there are witnesses present. Moses and Elijah.

D. And if that were not enough, God the Father speaks audibly to them. “This is my Son whom I love, Listen to Him”

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