Summary: The World Wide Flood fortells the coming World Wide Judgement of fire.

A Glimpse of Coming Disaster

Genesis 6

There has been a tremendous attack on the biblical account of Noah and the Flood in Genesis 6. It has been called a myth, just a local flood in the Mesopotamian region, etc. But why? Why all the concern. To put it simply if it is true, and it is, than God is real and real serious about sin and holiness. That God’s wrath will be poured out in the last days just like it was here. If this world destruction really happened with water, then the prophesy of God destroying our present world with fire will come true to. It also means God has the fortitude to pull the trigger. God’s love will not override his Holiness and make his wrath of none affect. God will end our present world. Genesis 6 and 7 clearly record a global flood that God brought upon the earth as an act of judgment against men’s rebellion and sin. Let’s look at it.

I What are the Questions Surrounding the Flood story ?

A. Was it just a local Flood or a global Flood?

Many people even Christians have bought the lie of a local flood. In a Nazarene Sunday School book they told of this find to support a local flood. We try to make God more believable by minimizing his activities to what we can prove and understand. A discovery of a layer of mud by archaeologists in the middle East, and more recently the finding of evidence for a local flood in the Black Sea have both been claimed as evidence for a (local) biblical flood.

Biblical Evidence for a global Flood

1. The Need for an Ark-

If flood was local, just walk to the other side of the mountains and escape. Like Abe did the famine. Or Lot fleeing Sodom and Gomorrah.

2. The Need for animals on the ark

There would have been other animals to reproduce those kinds if they all died in a local area, or they could have fled to non flooded area.

3. Jesus believed everyone on the planet outside the ark died. Matthew 24:37-39

4. The waters were above the mountains .

Genesis 7:20 said 20ft above the mountains. Water seeks its own level. It could not rise to cover the local mountains and leave the rest of the world untouched.

5. The Duration of the Flood- 1 year and 10 days.(Gen. 7:11, 8:14)

-It was more than 7 months before the tops of any mountains became visible. How could you drift around that long in a local flood without seeing any mountains.

6. God’s Promise Broken?

If the flood local, God would have repeatedly broken his promise never to send such a flood again. There have been huge local floods in recent times. Bangladesh, for example, were 80% of that country was flooded.

B. How could Noah get all the kinds of animals on the ark?

Ken Ham questioned. Noah couldn’t have got all those animals on the ark. How many animals would he need? I don’t know. How big was the ark? I don’t know. You don’t know how many animals he needed or how big the ark was, but your sure they wouldn’t fit.

Worse Question. How did Moses get all those animals on the ark?

Two books discuss this in detail. The Genesis Flood, and John Woodmorappe’s books Noah’s Ark: A Feasibility Study. Seven years of Study.

Question One: “How many Types of Animals did Noah need to take? (Gen.6:19-20; 7:2-3)

No sea creatures, Only air breathing, land dwelling animals, creeping things, and birds.

“Kind” doesn’t not mean every single species of animal we see today.

Frank Lewis Marsh- 500 varieties of the sweet pea have been developed from a single type since 1700. Over 200 distinct varieties of dogs, as different from each other as the dachshund and the collie, have developed from a very few wild dogs. (Or two created ones.).

In the field of zoology a very good illustration of descent with variation is furnished by the domestic pigeon. The diversity in form and temperament to be found among strains of pigeons would stagger our belief in their common origin if we did not know that they have all been developed from the wild rock pigeon of European coasts, Columbia livia. (Answers -McDowell)

We know horses, donkeys, zebras, came from one source.

Dogs, wolves, coyotes, and jackals came from a common canine (dog-like) kind.

Woodmorappe tallied 8,000 kinds and 8,000 probably extinct to get 16,000.

Question Two: “Was the Ark large enough to carry all the necessary types of animals?

1. Dinosaur- 668 supposed types only 106 weighed more than ten tons fully grown, probably only 50 actual different kinds. The Bible doesn’t say they were full grown. To reproduce probably young.

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