Summary: Be assured, God has a purpose for His people. Idleness is never an option.

Certainly one of the most frequent question I deal with as a Pastor, is the question of "What is my purpose?" It is the purposeless life that finds itself in discontent, discouragment, depression, and is a leading factor of suicide. No purpose. Useless. Yes, those are extremes. But, do not leave it to assumption, that extremes are for others. It is Satans plan to sift us as wheat, Luke 22:31. He will take us to extremes. It can be as destructive as well, to have a purpose of our own, different than what God wants.

Acts 26, Paul is able to share his testimony of the radical transformation that he underwent with God. In verse 16, Jesus was quick to announce, that His purpose, was to help Paul be directed. To have a purpose. The purpose for Paul, was"... to be a minister and a witness both of these things which thou has seen, and of those things in the which I will appear unto thee." V16

Our Purpose may not be as direct as that. Certainly we wish it was. How often have you desired that God would just come and sit down and talk to you and tell you everything He wants you to do ? That sounds easy. But im not so sure its that much more difficult. We can be assured that if Jesus has saved us, through His blood, and we have forsaken our sinful ways, Jesus wants us to share that testimony. Our testimony is not just so we have a good story. It is to be used for Gods purpose and His glory. Are you sharing with others what God has done ? In so doing, we help a lost world, " their eyes and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God.


Paul was bold to announce, that he had done everything God had shown him. And thus gave him confidence that it was Gods purpose to use him to testify to King Aggripa. Praise God. I love when opportunties arise simply from our obedience. Paul was not disobedient. As new chritians, and older ones alike, we must walk tenderly and carefully with God. Staying away from sin. It is obedience in the little thngs that enables God to reveal the bigger things to our hearts. We are directed one step at a time. If we become out of step with God due to sinfulness and disobedience, our next step becomes unsure. I believe that we know right away when we are not completely obedient to Gods word or direction.

ILLUST> At a certain childrens hospital, a boy gained a reputation for wreaking havoc with the nurses and staff. One day, a visitor who knew about his terrorizing nature, made him a deal. "if youre good for a week, ill give you a dollar when I come back. " A week later, she stood before his bed. "tell you what," she said, "I wont ask the nurses if you behaved. You must tell me yourself. Do you deserve the dollar?" After a moments pause, a small voice from under the sheets said, "Gimme a dime."

There is peace and Joy in obedience. Guilt and compromise with disobedience and we always cheat ourselves out of what God has for us through willful disobedience.


How important is our attitude to the work of God ! No one like a bad attitude. No one likes to ask someone who is unwilling to help. Nothing is more miserable than having someone do something for you, and hate doing it. The same is true with the work of the ministry. If there is no joy in our servanthood, there is something lacking. Colossians tells us that "everything we put our hands to, do it as unto the Lord." Godly results will not happen with an ungodly attitude. In fact, it may do more damage than good. V22 shows the relationship that Paul kept with the saviour. He obtained help. God continued to bless him and direct him. And it was that blessing that gave paul the hope, strength, courage, and boldness to continue. We must not be "weary in well doing", keep your focus, and keep Gods smile upon you.

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