Summary: To show what it takes to truly be a Godly father in today’s world.

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-Here we stand on another Father’s Day, this third Sunday of June

-We do not honor them today simply because we honored our mothers little more than a month ago

-We do not honor them today because Sonora Smart Dodd came up with the idea in 1909

-We do not honor them today because Calvin Coolidge instituted it as a proclamation in 1924

-We honor them today because they have had a key role in our lives and we are grateful for all their sacrifice on our behalf

-Today is my first Father’s Day as a father

-I have learned much in the last 9 months about being a father

-Some through books (though not much)

-Books tend to differ in opinion

-Some through others

-Some through coincidence

-Some through mistakes

-Much through relationships

-The key to being a great father is all about having great relationships

I. Have A Longing Relationship With Your Heavenly Father

-Psalm 63:1

-Do you long for God this morning?

-Nothing else will make you a better father

-Not any book

-Not any self-help technique

-Not any other relationship

-Not any action

A. Make sure you have a relationship

-It’s not about how much you know, it’s about who you know

-Or how much you go to church

-Or how kind and good you are

-Or how much your parents had a relationship with God

-That’s what the cross is all about

-Opening up a door for a relationship with the living God

-Locked by our sins

-Only those who have been renewed by God can be the most successful in their pursuits on earth

-If you do not have that relationship today, this morning would be a great time to begin it

B. Make sure you nurture your relationship

-Through daily disciplines

1. Prayer

a. For guidance as you parent

b. For protection for your child(ren)

2. Scripture

-More than for content

-For direction

-“What does this teach me?”

3. Obedience

-Nothing hinders any relationship more than disobedience

-We get upset with our kids when they disobey, but how obedient are we to our own Heavenly Father?

-We must walk in all the light God has given us

-Following His commands

-Submitting to His will

II. Have A Learning Relationship With Your Earthly Father

-Proverbs 1:8-9

-Mark Twain - “When I was a boy of fourteen, my father as so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be twenty-one, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years.”

A. Valuing his insight

-He has seen much over his years

-That’s the beauty of experience and age

-He can see from the outside and sometimes that offers a better view of the circumstance

B. Valuing his guidance

-Don’t be afraid to ask, “How do I. . .?”

-He has already learned through the school of hard knocks

-We can learn from his mistakes

-He has seen what has worked for others

-He often has great ideas

III. Have A Loving Relationship With Your Spouse

-Colossians 3:19

-Your kids are watching your relationship

-Children of spousal abusive situations are more likely to later be in a spousal abusive situation

-Children of divorce or separation are more likely to become divorced or separated

-Children of well-adjusted homes are more likely to have well-adjusted homes of their own

-You are setting the example to them of how their relationship with their future spouse should be

A. Cherish her in your heart

-Make sure you keep your love for her fresh each day

-Don’t let little irritations gnaw at you

1. Refuse to let any unloving thought live in your mind

2. Refuse to let any unloving deed exhibit itself through your actions

B. Lavish her with gifts

-Not necessarily expensive ones

1. Something she’d like

2. Something she doesn’t expect

C. Love her unselfishly

-Be willing to sacrifice yourself on her account

1. Honey-do lists

a. Without grumbling

b. Without delay

2. Surprises

IV. Have A Leading Relationship With Your Kids

-You are the God appointed spiritual leader in the home

-Proverbs 4:1

-Ephesians 6:4

-Leading them from evil

-Leading them to the Lord

-You are the greatest witness your child has

-Evangelize Your Kids

1. By word

a. Tell them your testimony

b. Tell them about God

i. Who He is

ii. His plan of salvation

c. Tell them about living the Christian life

-Make them your disciple

2. By deed

-Back up what you say by what you do

-There may come a time when they are watching hat you do and you do not even realize it

a. Don’t just drop them off at church

b. Don’t just quit doing something around them

c. Don’t have separate standards for them and you

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