Summary: Encouragement to mothers and "mother-like" women in facing the challenges of life.

“A Godly Mother” Luke 1:26-38


Today we honor and recognize our mothers. There is no greater vocation nor honor than being a mother. It is a great privilege that is not bestowed upon everyone. One of the greatest mothers who ever lived was a young, poor, virgin maid named Mary. Her name has been given to more female babies than any other. It exists in many forms….Mary, Maria, etc. The very most important issue in the life of a mother is to be SAVED. One can’t really give a godly love until they have received love and we receive love from God the Father through His Son Jesus Christ our Lord. This is the greatest extension of love ever given. John 3:16.

This morning I want to speak about 3 more qualities that make a mother not just any mother but like our heavenly father.

Also, let us remember in talking about Mary that she FOUND grace, she did not nor does she now EXTEND grace. Grace only come in the person of Jesus Christ, God’s only son.

A Godly Mother is:

I. SUBMISSIVE – v.38 ….I want to spend several minutes discussing what Godly submission is….”be it unto me according to thy word.”

There exists a tremendous amount of confusion over what this concept means.

A. What does submission really mean?

a.1 Corinthians 11:3 “…the head of the woman is man…”

“Head” doesn’t mean control or supremacy but “the source of”

She derives her existence from man, like Christ comes from “God the Father” and man comes from Christ.

b. Submission among EQUALS…by choice, not by force.

c. Applies to marriage, parent/child, employee/worker, relationships among church members.

B. What submission is ( types of submission)

a. Functional – distinguishes our roles and what we’re to do

b. Relational – lovingly recognizes another person’s value.

c. Reciprocal – mutual, humble cooperation with each other

d. Universal – church’s universal acknowledgement that Jesus is Lord.

C. Are women weaker?

a. Doesn’t mean morally or intellectually but acknowledges a woman’s physical limitations.

b. “Real men” will protect, respect, help and stay with their wives.*Won’t expect her to work FULL-TIME outside the home and also FULL-TIME at home. Will lighten her load wherever he can.

Will be courteous, considerate, insightful and tactful.

Will not mistreat her.

A Godly mother is SAVED, SUBMISSIVE,….

II. SERVING – v. 38

“Behold the handmaiden (servant) of the Lord…”{

Offered herself even when outcome didn’t look good (pregnant out of wedlock, poor)

Not afraid to work

A. Like Rebekah in Genesis 24:18-20…worked hard …drew water for camels.

B. Industrious wife – Proverbs 31:10-31

Not only domestic

Outstanding in abilities.

A “Godly Mom” is SAVED, SUBMISSIVE, SERVING, and…..

III. SATISFIED – v. 46 “….my soul glorifies the Lord..”

Many contemporary moms are interested in a career as opposed to raising a family. There is nothing wrong with being a “homemaker” as opposed to being a “homebreaker”.

There is nothing wrong with being a working mom, but there is also nothing wrong with being with your children as much as possible. It will pay HUGE dividends.

A. Paul – satisfied with whatever he had, wherever he was as long as he could do God’s work. Whatever work or vocation you are doing as a woman of God make sure it is GOD’S WORK.

B. BUT….. don’t be satisfied in your salvation, or habitual worship. Grow in faith and service to God. Rev. 2:19 (to the church at Thyatira) “I know thy works….and service ….) No higher calling than service to God. Ps. 84:10 “…I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness.”



Godspeed to all our mothers. May you strive to be “godly”. May God richly bless you as you seek to serve God to the best of your ability. May you be satisfied and full of self esteem, knowing that you are a child of the King and wield a godly influence on all you come into contact with.

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