Summary: What would be a Godly mother’s dream for her family / kids? 1. God’s will. 2. Know and love the Lord. 3. Be people of integrity. 4. Learn from their failures. 5. Live beyond themselves. 6. Pass their faith on.

A Godly Mother’s Dream

There are some great portraits of motherhood in Scripture.

I love the picture of the mother of Moses who cared so much for her son that she broke the law in order to teach him the faith of his people.

We see the sacrificial love of the mother who appeared before King Solomon and told him that she was willing to have her son taken away by another woman rather than see any harm come to him.

Or, the mother of James and John who loved her boys so much that she wanted them to sit by the Lord’s side in the heavenly kingdom.

And, the mother of King Lemuel, who gave some advice to her son about godly living and how to pick a good wife, in Proverbs 31.

-Moms and dreams… What do mothers dream about? So often Moms don’t seem to have a chance to dream b/c there are so many demands placed on them, taking care of babies, kids, a husband, managing their household, buying groceries, clothes, and other needed items for the family. In many cases they also pay the bills, balance the checkbook, help kids with homework, provide encouragement and support as their kids face challenges in school, sports, friendships, and so on. Moms spend hours doing laundry, dishes, cooking, cleaning, entertaining, and so much more! And on top of that, many Moms work outside jobs, some fulltime, some part time. What’s more, millions of Moms do most of this alone (some of them are single moms; others are helping their husbands grow up in addition to their kids). The dreams of some Moms get crushed from the disappointment of not being able to have kids, suffering miscarriages, or even losing a child some other time in life. For some, their hearts break over wayward children who seem to have no interest in spiritual matters. Thank you Moms for keeping the faith during these heart-wrenching times and not giving up!

-So, moms may not have much time to sit around and dream while they are being mommies, but I believe that most moms begin to dream dreams about what they want to see in their lives and in their kids and how they want them to develop as they grow up. And where do you think those dreams come from? I believe many of them come from the heart of God! Even Moms who don’t know Jesus yet, still often dream that their children would grow up to be Godly people with a future and a hope!

Many moms do not spend their dreams on themselves, but on their kids. Moms are givers like that! They want their kids to do well, to excel, to be happy, healthy, and safe. Mary knew that her boy Jesus was something special, but her dreams for a safe, worry-free life for Him were not fulfilled. And yet her Son, accomplished the greatest thing that has ever been done anywhere! He provided the opportunity for an unending life of freedom for every person on this planet! Mary’s dreams for Jesus were wonderful, I’m sure, but God’s dream for this world was much bigger! Nevertheless, Mary experienced the joys and the heartaches of motherhood, as she raised Jesus and her other children.

What would be a Godly mother’s dream for her family / kids?

1. That God’s will be done in their lives (surrender)

[Hannah- Samuel] Hannah gave Samuel back to God to serve Him in the priesthood.

-Is it possible that Jesus had heard His mother Mary pray the same way He prayed in the Garden? (Not My will, but Your will be done.) When the angel told Mary the amazing news that she was going to have a baby who was not fathered by her fiancé Joseph, she said, "May it be to me as you have said." Luke 1:38

2. That they would know and love the Lord (faith/relationship)

2 Timothy 1:5 I have been reminded of your sincere faith, which first lived in your grandmother Lois and in your mother Eunice and, I am persuaded, now lives in you also.

-These ladies had a big part in Timothy’s faith! They didn’t just wish for it. They lived it out and taught Timothy to do the same! The provided spiritual leadership for Timothy. I am thankful for parents who want their kids to go to Sunday School and church. But how much more effective when a parent actually leads the way and lives the life of a Christ follower! The difference is night and day! Faith isn’t just taught, it is caught! When Moms have contagious faith, there’s a pretty good chance their kids will grow up to be people of faith. It is not automatic but I guarantee you that the stats would bear this out! And the percentage of kids who follow Jesus goes way up when the Dad is man enough to follow Jesus – but that is a sermon for another day.

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