Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: One in a series concerning morals and ethics in the USA. With "church attendance" at an all time high, our morals have slipped to an all time low, let’s understand God’s perspective on these matters and be a nation drawn to God again



Text: Psalm 139:13-24

Scripture Reading: Psalm 127:1-5


1. Abortion is a plague that has tormented our society for decades

a. Since the Roe V. Wade decision handed down January 22, 1973 humans have had the right from the state to kill their own children

b. Our schools cannot hand out aspirin to a 17 year old girl with a headache without consulting her parents

c. But our hospitals and clinics can take a 14 year old girl into their facility, close the doors, and pull from her another human and discard him in the trash without telling her parents a single word

2. Abortion is legal up until the 24 week of a pregnancy for any reason the woman chooses

a. There is a picture of baby Samuel Armas holding his doctor’s hand

b. Samuel Armas is a 21 week old fetus in his mother’s womb undergoing surgery

c. It seems as though someone missed something

3. Laws have been established to abort babies on one hand and to charge murderers with double murder for killing a pregnant woman

4. Proponents of stem cell research say that we should be able to abort little babies and use their cells to benefit those who are alive and sick

a. It is a clear indication of how sick we can really be when we are willing to take the life of an innocent child for the risk of research that may heal someone in the next generation

b. In a society that will not allow you to test hair spray on a dog, we will use our own children for R & D

5. And I want you to understand that I am pro-choice

a. I believe that a woman should have a choice in what happens to her own body

b. But I believe that the choice comes before you create life

c. Once it is formed we have responsibilities to the blessing God has given us

6. Abortionists never refer to the ones they kill as children

a. They refer to them as fertilized egg

b. Or embryo, zygote, or fetus

c. They dehumanize the baby like Hitler dehumanized the Jews calling them pigs

7. Read Text

8. I want us to get a God’s eye view of the abortion question:

a. First of all, God formed us

b. Second, God has a plan for us

c. Third, God hates blood shed

9. Remember these points when considering that new baby that grows in you, and when considering candidates when you pull the lever

TRANSITION: From God’s point of view, consider:

I. God formed us

A. Verse 13 David says, “You formed me,” and “You wove me”

1. “Formed” really means posses, or more accurately to acquire through creation

2. “Wove” is related to protection, wove into a protective place in the womb

3. God now possesses this new creation that came into being by guidance of His hand

4. And the womb is the place of protection, a sanctum and security for the new person that God now possesses

5. What right do we have to endanger God’s protection and His person?

B. Verse 15, “He knows”

1. Even in the protective womb we are not hidden from His eyes

2. He knows us from the time we are conceived

C. Consider some examples:

1. John the Baptist had the Holy Spirit in him even in his mother’s womb according to Luke 1:15

2. Jacob and Esau were called “two nations” striving within Rebekah’s womb in Genesis 25:23

3. And imagine this one, Jesus

a. Jesus became an infant, before that He was in Mary’s womb

b. He was from the very beginning and will be until the very end

c. If that child in the womb is not a person then Jesus ceased to exist for the 9+ months that Mary carried Him in hers

d. It is totally inconceivable that Jesus ceased to exist and so while in the womb Jesus counted for something, and that for something special

D. God intentionally and purposefully formed us in our mother’s womb, abortion violates God’s security for His new person and destroys His creative work

TRANSITION: Also consider that from God’s point of view:

II. God has a plan for us

A. Before we even had days, God knew we would

1. He does not make mistakes, people are here for a reason

2. That reason is His glory, that’s our job as Christian parents, to make Christian children who obey God

B. God created mankind

1. Then He sent His Son down to die for man

2. He gave us purpose in finding value in the blood of Christ

C. He gave each of us talents

1. Each human has gifts and abilities (Ephesians 4:11)

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