Summary: A Thanksgiving message.

A Heart of Gratitude

Psalm 103

I. David thanked God for His Forgiveness – verse 3

a. Forgiveness is the basis of all blessing

b. Forgiveness leads to healing

c. Forgiveness leads to redemption (vs 4)

II. David thanks God for His Sufficiency – verse 4

a. Loving kindness and tender mercies

b. God fills the mouth with good things

c. God gives strength – vs. 5

III. David thanked God for His Mercy – verse 11

IV. Christ lived a life of thankfulness

a. For the Cup – Matt. 26:27

b. For the Bread – Luke 24:30

c. That God hears – John 11:41

V. Paul lived a life of thankfulness

a. For friends – Rom. 1:8

b. For service – I Tim. 1:12

c. For victory – I Cor. 15:57

d. For Christ – II Cor. 9:15

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