Summary: Joshua was one of the greatest heroes in the Old Testament. This message examines the qualities that he had in his life

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A Hero’s Heart

Joshua 1:5-9

Essential 100 Series

February 3, 2008

Morning Message


Have any of you heard of Alvin York? Sadly this amazing man has been all but forgotten by most Americans. Alvin York was a hero’s hero. On October 8, 1918 York was serving as a Sergeant in the US Army and single handedly captured 132 German soldiers. York earned the Congressional Medal of Honor. York was an example of courage and selflessness.

Even more importantly than the heroics on the battlefield York was a hero in his personal conduct. Let me show you what I mean listen to this quote from his diary

On July 1st, 1918 he wrote:

I carried a Testament with me. I have the Testament I carried with me

during all my fighting at home now. I read it through five times during my stay in the army. I read it everywhere. I read it in dugouts, in fox holes, and on the front line. It was my rock to cling to. It and my diary. I didn’t do any cursing, no, not even in the front line. I cut all of that out long ago, at the time I was saved.

A hero is someone who does much more than just an amazing thing. A hero is someone who reflects heroism in his life. A hero is someone who does heroic things because his character demands it.

Adapted from Portrait of a Hero by Keith Andrews

Biblical Examples of Heroism

David faced Goliath when no one else would

Daniel stood for his faith and ended up in the lion’s den

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego when they were thrown in the furnace

Esther risked her life going before the king

Stephen when he stood before the Sanhedrin

Ananias when he went to Saul following his conversion

After the death of Moses, Israel needed a hero and God delivered. God raised up a man named Joshua. I firmly believe that Joshua is one of the greatest unsung heroes of the Bible. So let’s take a moment to look at the situation Israel was in.

The Background for Israel

Israel was going through a state of change and transition. There were a number of things that would affect the entire history of Israel during this period of time.

A new beginning

The current position of Israel would mark a new beginning. The people were camped on the outskirts of the Promised Land and were preparing to enter Canaan. Israel was completing 40 years of wandering in the wilderness. The entire generation who refused to enter the land under Moses was now dead with the exception of Joshua and Caleb. Now Israel was back at the Promised Land waiting to conquer it.

A change in leadership

The Bible marks changes in leadership often as the beginning of new eras or times in Israel’s history. Moses was the greatest leader in the history of Israel and he would have been difficult to follow. Moses had just died and Joshua has assumed command of Israel.

A coming conflict

War was on the horizon for Israel and there was no way around it. God was giving them the Promised Land but they needed to conquer it. Israel already knew what to expect because they had been here before. They knew that the enemies were strong but they also knew that God was with them.

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