Summary: The interest costs more than the height of pleasure attained.


Ezek 18:4 Behold, all souls are mine; as the soul of the father, so also the soul of the son is mine: the soul that sinneth, it shall die.

Mica 7:3 That they may do evil with both hands earnestly, the prince asketh, and the judge [asketh] for a reward; and the great [man], he uttereth his mischievous desire: so they wrap it up.

Rom 6:23 For the wages of sin [is] death; but the gift of God [is] eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Gene 3:19 In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou [art], and unto dust shalt thou return.

One act of disobedience cursed all of humanity.

Roma 5:12 Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned:

Roma 5:19 For as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous.

Man borrows money from institutions that hold large amounts of money.

They give one an opportunity to obtain something we need or desire.

The bigger the cost of interest, the easier it is to obtain larger amounts of money from them.

Transactions like this have a price tag.

This cost is not immediately paid.

It is interest.

It is the cost of receiving money when you want it.

Eccl 8:11 Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.

Payday is not immediate for committing sin.

People sin and are not struck by lightning.

They pursue to continue in sin and find that they still do not pay.

But there is a payday coming.

Humans are a crazy breed.

They don’t think of the future very much.

In this "have it your way" generation, Satan’s Institute of High Interest Loans is a thriving business.

Hebr 11:25 ...the pleasures of sin for a season;

Pleasures of sin are only for a season.

Payday will arrive afterwards.

Never before now has it been so easy to lure people into sin.

We are so temporal minded.

Like the proverbial ostriches with heads in the sand, hoping that what we don’t think about will go away.

Just don’t think about it or believe it.

Judgment day is coming.

Hell charges high interest.

That is why its lures are big.

It uses such advertising.

It disguises the actual price in mathematical complications.

"Compounded interest", etc.

I know people whose cars are long since ruined, turning to dust in dump yards, who are still paying for the vehicles because they resorted to a lending institution of high interest.

Whereas the bank partially looked out for your interest, and refused to lend you what they felt you could not repay, the other group charged more interest and accepted your request.

Satan has high interest.

The drug addict enjoys the illusions induced by drugs.

Not only the cost of money for such illusions, but brain cells burn out with every high.

The cost of artificial joy is the toll of insanity.

What a price to pay.

And then there is an eternity without God.

Drugs more and more take away one’s mind, making it harder and harder to return to reality.

The grip becomes tighter and tighter with each indulgence.

In a drug-induced stupour, Elvis looked up to the spotlights in his last concert, and spoke to them as though they were people.

Shortly thereafter, he died of a drug overdose.

Young people attend bars in our towns and cities, looking for one to spend one night with.

They get the AIDS virus unawares and will pay the rest of their shortened lives for a one night stand.

The interest costs more than the height of pleasure attained.

Hell will lend you a one night stand.

But you will have to pay for a long time.

Its rate of interest is beyond your imagination.

Those in occult open their lives to demons.

For a fascination in the supernatural, their souls are invaded by evil spirits.

Hell will give you a loan of adultery, too.

A marriage is violated.

The happiest day of one’s life, being married to their love, when they made a vow before God to never part, is trashed.

Another woman or another man catches one’s eye.

The devil concocts a confrontation between two.

He sees the desire in the eye of a person.

They call it an "affair."


They call it "magic"

It is the blackest magic.

Unholy desire.

Ungodly demonic electricity.

Many christians are just as bad.

Will pay interest the rest of their lives.

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