Summary: This is the first in a series on the Birth of Christ. Joseph was a man who was chosen of God to be a part of the Holy Family. I also have this in Powerpoint aviailable upon request.

A Holy Family


Mathew 1:18-25

Over the next couple of weeks we will be talking about A Holy Family.

As the Christmas story unfolds in the Gospel of Matthew, we begin with Joseph.

I. He was a man of Prophecy. Vs 18

A. Jesus would be born of the house of David.

Isaiah 9:7

B. Out of Jesse – David’s father

Isaiah 11:10

C. Joseph was of the house of David. Luke 2:4

2. He would fulfill the Bethlehem prophecy. (Luke 2:4)

-Micah 5:2

II. He was a man of Principles. Vs 19

A. His first concern was the reputation of Mary.

B. He wanted to hide her so that she would not

become the source of public ridicule.

III. He was a man of preparation. Vs 20-23

A. Prepared for what was to come.

B. Prepared by a personal message.

Matthew 1:20

C. Prepared by a pleasant message.

Matthew 1:20b

D. Prepared by a prophetic message.

Matthew 1:21-23

IV. He was a man of purpose.

A.He purposed to do God’s will.

Matthew 1:24

B.He purposed to remain pure.

Matthew 1:25

V. He was a man of protection. Matthew 2:13-15


Joseph was …..

A man who found himself in a difficult situation.

A man who committed himself to God’s will.

A man who found himself to be part of God’s plan

for the ages.

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