Summary: Walking with the Lord is a mystery, he's really there but we can't see him.

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Read the 23 Psalms

I walk marked by close acquaintance, association, and familiarity relating to my deepest nature. Being that I was a thing of naught, or nobody, before I called Jesus and won a rich life. Calling Jesus is like playing the lotto the odds are a million to one, but some people do win. They didn’t win because they had faith, but they won because they called Jesus at the right time. You’ll never be able to win if you don’t call him.

People gone have indifferences; and they gone be inclemently toward those lukewarm and hypocritical in matters of religion, there’s a sodality between the specialty of this scenario and the Lord is on his own side: come on down the Lord side. The big I and the little you don’t have sobriety, or might I say it don’t have any decoration. You can have floridity, color, and a nose ring if you want too. Acceptance, this is the way the Lord does things.

You know what matters to the Lord is what we do today for him, that matters the most because you did it for the Lord. What you did yesterday has already been planted. There’s two ways of being planted, either you can be planted in the Lord or you can be planted in the (what ought to be done) It’s alright to go to the celebration but know why you’re grinning. If you gone laugh at the joke don’t laugh because everybody else is laughing, but laugh because it was funny: practice being real, you want to have self-distrust about what is right.

Self glorification is like having your own personal ambitions: take self solicitude and don’t respect the morals of others and see how far you go. In this world you might go farther, because self- worship is programmed that way. Disappointment is loading down with all its inconsiderateness. Times have changed, from worse to better from better to worse. Don’t you want to believe that things don’t work that way, but they do all the time? Like setting objectives, you want to use the word will. I will drink more water; I will pay my bills on time.

I will treat all people the same. I live on Church Street in front of Florida C. Dwight Park; and I see the city devotion in maintaining the baseball diamond. When God blesses, he blesses everything around the blessing, but if you don’t extract from the blessing the blessing is not gone anywhere, but you just are not a part of the blessing. A person that hangs around the blessing but is not part of the blessing uses famulus as a source to get information about those who are a part of the will of God.

Busy bodies stay in other people business. Mankind has been scattered over the earth like the (clay today and the city spread it) over the baseball diamond. I know times are hard because they just built a bigger courthouse down the street from me. What is Jesus saying? He’s saying faith without works is dead. If you don’t build your love for Jesus down the street from you, you might miss seeing how Jesus walked. Be ready to go places when it’s time to go, chances are you’re going to be right on time.

Today, I walked across the park with a Christmas ornament in my hand; a red, gold, and green color ball, I did something peculiar. There is a patch of clay in the park right now. There is wisdom in everything we do. I placed the ornament in the sand and drew a circle around it. For some reason, I was compelled to do that; and I’m glad that I did. I’m glad because I know faith without works is dead.

This is light work to me just like Jesus said. I desire great satisfaction for my best interests while my affections are set on the Lord, while at the same time they appear to be foolishness in the eyes of the law, who keep coming around and posting up in view of me.

That’s a good way to put a label on someone minding their own business. Label the bravery of the Lord: and I’m not afraid of those who work like adversaries, letches, and bats that attach themselves for blood. I’m not afraid of how I feel or who’s watching how I walk for weakness. While I was walking across the baseball field to the diamond, I stopped for a moment because it’s like all eyes me.

If your works match the faith of Jesus Christ, than you might one day find yourself in the present of his spirit? You should know by now. Jesus will come to you just the way he is. And what happens is sealed in the way you carry yourself, and how you use your time forever and ever and ever. Follow his permission while you can, because a dead man can’t call him anymore. God can’t hear the dead; he only hears Jesus. Did you know when we were yet in our sins and dead that Christ died for the ungodly.

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