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Summary: Paul’s conversion experience is an example of how God can reach anyone and use them for His glory.

A Journey of Faith

Acts 9 (quickview) : 10-30


Paul had encountered Jesus on the Damascus Road. He was left blind from it. He was the archenemy of Christians. Now he needed a friend. God was at work in his life.

I. PAUL WAS BEFRIENDED (Acts 9:10-22 (quickview) )

A. God asked Annanias to go to Saul

B. Annanias was afraid (vv. 13-14)

C. God assured Annanias (vv. 15-16)

D. Annanias obeyed God. (v. 17)

E. Paul is helped (vv. 18-19)

F. His life was changed (vv.20-22)

II. PAUL WAS BAPTIZED (Acts 9:7-18 (quickview) )

A. He surrendered to God’s will (vv. 5-6)

B. He acted on his commitment by following the Lord in baptism

C. Have you followed the Lord in baptism?

III. PAUL WAS PERSECUTED (Acts 9 (quickview) : 23-35)

A. Paul gave up a lot to follow Jesus, but he gained love, peace, joy, purpose

B. The Jews sought to kill him (v.23)

C. Greeks sought to kill him (v.29)

D. Christians rejected him (v.26)

E. We pray for God to change people & then won’t accept them when He does!

IV. PAUL UNITED WITH THE CHURCH (Acts 9:26-30 (quickview) )

A. Paul did not give up on the church in spite of being rejected by some. Some of you may feel like doing so today.

B. Barnabas stood up for Paul & he was finally accepted (vv. 27-28)

C. What keeps you from uniting with a church? Is this God’s place for you? If it

is, don’t put this decision off.


Paul’s Journey was not so different from our own. Have you completed it?

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