Summary: Continuing our Christmas series on joy we begin in Genesis Chapter 3 and follow the revelation of God, through the book of Isaiah, of the Messiah He will bring to restore His creation to Himself.

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Joy Series, Part 3

Genesis 3:15Isaiah 53:12


“A Joyous Prediction”

Want to share with you a photo I found this week, “King Size Bed”

- Recap of last 2 week’s messages:

- 1. What steals joy the fastest? The afflictions others bring upon us (gossip)

- We all face accusations and rumors; esp. as you do the work of the Lord

-- Don’t let the devil turn your focus from the One who commands your loyalty

- Remember that even in that, God desires our worship and our focus to be on Him

- The juicier the gossip is … the less likely it is to be true

- 2. How do I get joy?

- Jesus’ teaching in John 15:11, “I have told you this so that my joy may be in you”

- We were taught these things that we might have HIS joy within us …

- Now, we have a LOT to cover this morning and prayerfully you are ready

- Open your Bibles to Genesis 3

- This morning we focus on a joyous prediction that is discussed throughout OT

- Ask yourself this, “How long does God’s promise of joy take to come true?”

- Many ask this question from day to day over every little thing; esp. in stress

- How long God … How long do I have to continue to endure this nonsense?

- How long God … How long will I have to wait for your joy to be revealed?

- How long God … How long do you plan on keeping me in suspense on this?

- All these kinds of things are asked during the Christmas season … without fail

- Things happen that enhance or tear apart our joy; but God brings joy that TOTAL

- APP: If you are a student of the Word of the Lord one thing should LEAP out

-- The word of God revealed a promise for thousands of years; and it came true

- We talked in our Genesis study that everything God created was good

-- Nothing however, was created to just be the be all end all; but created to glorify

-- The first two chapters of Genesis show us a perfection of creation; the garden

-- It is a peace that we can’t imagine today: Hebrew word here is “Shalom”

- And then, we see that sin enters and literally shatters the perfection of creation

-- This sin breaks apart everything including every our relationship with God

-- Instead of finding joy in the Creator; we are drawn to the creation FOR our joy

- For example, instead of finding joy in God because He created the food we have

-- We find joy in the food just because it tastes good and we want more of it

-- This leads to gluttony and our getting fat and happy based on our own desires

-- It is in this simple example that we can see how far we have fallen and failed

- This, in essence, brings us to the focus of our message today; God’s ultimate joy

- This morning we will walk through the OT and show the revelation of true joy

- Pray

Point 1 – The Prophecy Begins

- Genesis 3:15, “And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel.”

- God reveals that a man will be born who will crush the work of evil

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