Summary: Ride on King Jesus. Ride on into our lives. Ride on until judgement run down as waters, and righteous as a mighty stream.

A King Is Coming Luke 19:41-44

The City of Jerusalem, high on Mt Zion, had taken on a festive air. The City was heavy with expectancy. The air was anxious awaiting the coming of Messiah – the deliverance of God. Isaiah had said a king would reign in righteousness – God’s king.

Such was the hope on that Holy day.

Jerusalem was the natural place for God to come and offer his love. The Hebrews had heard his thunder at Mount Sinai. One of their ancestors had wrestled with God. The lyrics of Isaiah were a part of their history. The foreboding of Jeremiah was a part of their heritage. The condemnation of Amos was in their national memory. Jerusalem was a natural place for God to come and offer his love. It was the City of David. The place for the Ark of the Covenant. A Temple was built there. It was a natural place for God to come.

Only those who know God can receive God. God offers his kingship to those who understand his goodness. We ought to be anxious, eager, and trembling as we wait for his reign to come.

The procession moves closer. Jesus draws near. He beholds the city and its people. Jesus of Nazareth is arriving and he sees the City of David. The procession slows down. He hesitates for a moment. He looks over the City. He sees the buildings on Mt. Zion. The bronze doors of the temple. He sees its shining dome blazing in the morning sun. He sees the place of Herod. He sees the Damascus road in the distance – the place where Paul will meet God for himself. He sees the pool of Siloam in the valley – the healing pool. He sees the people in the marketplace and realizes they are in the temple. He sees the City of Jerusalem, but he sees more.

Jesus sees the people:

People, who call his name, but are not loyal to him.

People going through the motions of religion, but lacking the power of God.

People who sing the songs of Zion, but lack commitment of spirit.

People who are mere performers, but not really participants.

People, who talk ethical behavior, but don’t practice the presence of God.

People, who know the law, but don’t obey the spirit of the soul.

People who are materialist, but not spiritualists.

Jesus beholds the City, but he sees more.

Downtown development, but uptown despair.

Stadiums aplenty, but schools lacking

Inner harbor mariners, but outer harbor nightmares.

Property safety zones, but people danger zones.

Young men drifting, young women lost.

Political promises with corruption in high places.

Religious leaders, but no religious leadership.

Jesus draws near the City, but he sees more.

Hatred, meanness, violence and crime. Disrespect for seniors and young children being abused.

Jesus draws near the City, stops, and he weeps.

He weeps because as He draws near we don’t feel the thrill of his presence.

He weeps because, as He draws near he sees our pious words, but knows we reject him in our hearts.

He weeps because He knows we live by our wits, and not by faith.

He weeps because He knows we are motivated by our dislikes, and not by his love.

He weeps because we are anxious and fretful, instead of being confident in His love.

He weeps as he beholds the City. He weeps because of our sinfulness. He weeps, but yet he rides on.

Thank God he didn’t stop and turn around.

He was wounded for our transgressions. He was bruised for our iniquities.

Because all we like sheep have gone astray. We have turned every one unto his own way.

Thank God he didn’t turn around.

Ride on King Jesus. Ride on King Jesus. Ride on into our lives. Ride on until judgement run down as waters, and righteous as a mighty stream.

Ride on King Jesus: For every valley shall be exalted, and every mountain and hill shall be made low, and the crooked shall be made straight and the rough places plain. And the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together, for the mouth of the lord hath spoken it.

Ride on King Jesus. Ride On.

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