Summary: Jesus has extended an invitation to the world to join Him in heaven.

A Kingdom Of Invitation

Matthew 22.1-14

August 31, 1997

Morning Service


I. The nature of Weddings: Lots of preparations to be made, dress bought, tuxedos rented, cakes to ordered, flowers picked out and invitaions to be sent

II. Prepartion of the guest list: One of the worst jobs must be invitations, making the guest list and addressing and sending all of the invitations

III. God has also made an invitation: Matthew 22.1-14


I. Invitation is Rejected

A. The king makes an invitation: The eastern weddings were several days long and were a highlight of social activity, the banquet was the climax of the festivities, royal weddings lasted for several weeks and the banquet was the key social event of the decade, invitations were made well in advance, high honor to be invited and people were boasting about the invitation, people no doubt had said they would come, feast is prepared and the servants are sent to call the people

B. People reject the invitation: When the time comes to attend the people reject the servants, this is outrageous, people are rejecting the invitation to the King’s banquet that they had originally accepted, they were just too busy to go, this is a major insult, the king is baffled by the event and calls His servants to go again, the servants make a second call for the people to come, those invited mistreat and kill the king’s servants, insult turns to criminal action,

II. Rejecters are Punished

A. The king destroys those who reject: In anger the king send out his army to kill the people, the people are killed for their actions against the king and their city is burned

B. The king states that the guests were unworthy: The guests that reject the king are no longer worthy of the invitation, They set themselves up for destruction, the people rejected an invitation that was not based on worth or ability but rather on grace from the King

III. New Guests Invited

A. The king sends servants out: The servants go out into the highways and call people in, invite everyone they met to the banquet, both the good and the bad, none of the guests were invited because of their conduct or position,

B. The wedding hall is filled: The king fills the hall with these people, they have accepted the invitation, they will gain the reward for the kings grace

IV. Intruder is Expelled

A. One guest was an intruder: Not some party crasher, general invitation, improper attire, a strong sign of respect, poor would not own fine clothes, king made a provision, no excuse

B. King confronts the man: spots the person, really stood out, asks for a reason, sign of grace, man is speechless - he had no reason, king calls him to task

C. King calls the servants: servants gave the invitation, now the invitation is withdrawn, the man is bound - point of humiliation, prevents the man from resisting and returning to the wedding, no further disruption was allowed

D. Intruder is cast out: Thrown into darkness, highest form of punishment, known by all in the community, weeping and gnashing of teeth - fullness of suffering due to separation

Many are invited but few are chosen


I. Invitation is universal

A. Jesus invites everyone to His banquet: No one deserves the invitation, it is not based on merit or ability, act of grace and mercy, everyone is to be included - no one will be denied, all are welcome, we must accept the invitation, eternal celebration in the house of the King

B. Jesus sends His servants: We are to deliver this royal invitation, we are to assist the King bring people into the house, we must go into the community and call people

II. Rejection brings Separation

A. Mortal separation: Here and now, We are separated from God’s blessings and presence now, we can not be for God and against Him, we can not be with God when we reject Him, life with God is much better than life without God, life that is worth living, when God is for us who can stand against us, we will have an abundant life, God made an invitation to the Jewish people through Christ but they rejected Him, mistreated Him and killed Him,

B. Eternal separation: When we reject God now we will not be with Him later, this is a fullness of separation, complete in every single way, this will last forever and always, we get too busy to answer when God calls God does not want that for anyone - reason for the invitation, God extends an invitation of grace and love

III. Intruders will be Cast Out

A. Guests must act like guests: When we come to God it must be on His terms, He has given the invitation, we can not approach God with our own agenda, we would not have the right attire, we would not be showing respect, this is worse than not accepting the invitation at all, those who approach God in disrespect and self centered attitude will not be staying, He will cast them out,

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