Summary: This morning I would like us to focus on the 3rd section of Proverbs 31 and review the life lesson and advice that King Lemuel’s mother told him. Our mothers often teach us valuable lessons with their words and with their actions. What did King Lemuel’s

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The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) posted a list of valuable lessons that mothers teach us. The following are life lessons we may have learned from our mothers:

* I am special. I have worth that far outweighs how I look, how smart I am, or what the scale reads.

* Don’t be so busy working for God that you miss His instruction.

* One of the first things you learn as a baby is how to find your balance. It’s a lesson you’ll need throughout your life.

* Don’t be in such a rush to grow up. It’s nothing but bills and taxes.

* It’s better to be single and lonely rather than married and miserable. There is no hell like being trapped in a bad marriage.

* You can lie to everyone else, but always tell yourself the truth.

* Drink more water.

* Sometimes people don’t want to argue. They just want you to acknowledge their hurt.

* Pick your battles. Ask yourself, “Is this the mountain I’m willing to die on?”

* Be mindful of the seasons of your life. Know when to move forward, let go, or stay put.

* A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.

* When God is silent that means, He’s working. Trust Him.

* Relax. Some things come with age.

* Don’t use so much salt.

* Don’t focus on your looks and forget about your character. After all, pretty is as pretty does.

* Never turn down a mint.

* Life's not fair, and it's not supposed to be.

* When you lose someone, you’re going to feel angry, depressed, bitter, and lonely. It’s perfectly normal. Take your time and grieve.

* Bloom where you’re planted.

* Eat your vegetables.

* Most of the time, bad relationships don't just happen. Learn to see the red flags.

* Not everything is the way that it appears. Ask God to open your eyes.

* People are watching you. You’re a role model, whether you like it or not.

* You teach people how to treat you.

* And last but certainly not least... always, always send thank you cards.

This morning, in honor of Mother’s Day, we will be in the Book of Proverbs Chapter 31. Proverbs 31 is the last chapter in the Book of Proverbs in the Old Testament and is a chapter written by someone named King Lemuel. King Lemuel is relating to us words taught to him by his mother. Proverbs 31:1 begins, “The sayings of King Lemuel-- an oracle his mother taught him.” Now to be honest, we have no idea who King Lemuel is or who his mother is. You might read in a Bible study or other book that King Lemuel is King Solomon and the mother is Bathsheba, but there is no way anyone can actually know that. We don’t know who these people are, but the chapter is included in the Book of Proverbs so it is trustworthy.

Chapter 31 has 4 sections. Section 1 is a warning from a mother to her son about lust and women and the destruction that brings. Section 2 is a warning about drinking and craving beer and the destruction that brings. Section 3 is advice. Section 4 is perhaps the most well-known part of Proverbs 31 which is the wife of noble character.

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