Summary: How to live a life worthy of the gospel.

For to me to live is Christ

But to die is gain

Now that I must stay with you—here is what you should do:

Live Your Life Worthy of the Gospel of Christ

How do we do this? Paul goes on to explain:

1. Be unified in the Spirit (v. 27)

We must be in fellowship with the Father in order to have right fellowship with those around us. That means coming first, in faith receiving salvation, but secondly that means walking with Him. If we’re not walking with Him, we’re breaking fellowship with Him which, in turn, breaks our fellowship with those around us.

2. Be unified in heart and mind (v. 27)

We’ve got to be a family. We call ourselves children of God, but how often to we act like immature siblings then true brothers or sisters.

Illustration, when Becky and I were young we fought non-stop. Once I went to college, we all of a sudden became best friends.

3. Be unified in purpose (v. 27)

All throughout this chapter, how many times do we see the proclamation of the Gospel being the first and foremost thing that we’re to be doing as a church?

4. Be unified in your defense (v. 28)

We will be persecuted. We will face obstacles.

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