Summary: This sermon deals with the Irony, absolute and longing of faith.

A Living Faith

Hebrews 11

SICC 9/15/02 (Morning)

INTRODUCTION: What is living by faith? Buy stocks when market is low? I live by faith because I never buy rock salt until I see ice. I have faith there won’t be any snow.

Two ideas of faith. One is doctrine. Be true to “the faith.” Pass “the faith along.” The other meaning has to do with trust. Do you have faith in your doctor? The book of Hebrews deals for the most part with faith/doctrine. This particular chapter deals with faith/trust. It is one of the most exhilarating chapters in the Bible. Some think the letter to the Hebrews wasn’t a letter at all. It was a sermon. If that is the case, then this chapter and the 12th chapter have got to be the climax of the sermon. Usually we focus on the people of faith. Today I want to focus on the commentary. Vv. 1, 6, 13-16 & 39-40.

THE IRONY OF FAITH v.1 – faith is certainty concerning the unknown.

There is a line of philosophy that says “we can be certain the sun will come up tomorrow because it came up today & yesterday.” In plainspeak: never bet against a streak. You have to be working with an incredible track record. In much the same way there is a certainty concerning the things of God. God is consistently true to himself. Faith takes what is uncertain and unknown and sees it from God’s perspective, and suddenly all the variables become secondary to the certainty of the outcome.

THE ABSOLUTE OF FAITH v. 6 – You have to believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him. Why do you believe? You believe because he has done it. (Above) You also believe because you know God is good. If God is absolute and he is absolute Good, then something good has to be in everything. You can take it to the bank by always seeking Him.

THE LONGING OF FAITH v. 13-16 & 39-40 – no one said it would be easy. Faith doesn’t make an easy road.

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