Summary: Love is the greatest force in all the world, enduring even until the world to come

Pictures of a fathers heart

A Love that runs, Part 1

Opening Song: When God Ran by Phillips, Craig and Dean


1. Chance encounter- Paga- 6293 [paga /paw•gah

While at my place of business the other day, I had one of those moments when the Spirit of God, steps out of the ordinary and into our life in a big way.

I had just been a wedding and to a fellowship meal following the church service Sunday. Having experienced shunning, etc. and wondering why, when the Spirit of God broke in and explained why.

2. He began to show me why they could not accept and love as they should.

They have a large hole in their hearts, having not experienced the accepting love of an earthly father and mother.

3. He then challenged me with the concept that Living Word Comm. Church will be the one of the vehicles that he use to bring healing to the body.

Love served three (3) ways

A. Three (3) different classes of love in the Hellenistic (Greek world of Jesus day)

1. Agape (ah-gah-pay), the principal Greek word used for love in the NT.

Of the three words for love in the Hellenistic world, it was the least common.

2. Eros- Greek Erōs, sexual love- relating to, or arousing sexual feelings

probably where we get the word arousal

3. Phiìlos; friendship love, friendly

4. Although their meanings could vary according to the context in which they appeared. Agape, because it was used so seldom… could be used in the NT to designate the unmerited love God shows to us.

When used of human love, it means selfless and self-giving love.

Love is simply unbelievable

A. Love will propel someone to do the unbelievable

1. One person will overcome unbelievable odds, to win the affections of the one they love.

While another will kill themselves… when they cannot have the one they


The greatest force in all the world is………

A. NOT …. The United States Naval and Air Force

Its not red China

Its not the atom

B. The greatest force in all the world is the force & power of Love.

Why is this the most powerful force?

What is it about love that gives it such power- energy???

1. What makes it so dynamite – so powerful, love was first birthed inside Father God’s heart-

a. It was incubated there, there it took shape,

There inside that heart, the thought of man was formed- let us make man in our image--- let us communion and fellowship with him.

b. That powerful account in Genesis 1:26-28

"And God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them."

1. A Father’s heart seeks to create children in his own image.

2. Did you ever hear of an only girl born in the family becoming a tom boy- the image of her father?

3. I can’t count the number of times my wife has told me, my children are not me. It is IN ME ! in me to make them like me.

That’s not an evil thing, that is a glimpse of Father God’s heart showing thru in mine.

"And God blessed them: - PUT HIS HANDS OVER THEM and pronounced them blessed.

Do you know what blessed means in the Hebrew?

Blessed- 1288- kneel down, i.e., to be or go to a stance in which one is on. To speak sweet words of adoration to

Same word in And he (Eliazer, Abrahams servant) made his camels to kneel down without the city by a well of water… (Genesis 24:11, KJV)

1. My children are blessed in my eyes, no matter what.

You may see little devils when you look at my children I see angels

This is not because I am prejudice- My heart has pronounced my children blessed.

2. A mother with her children is a beautiful picture of God’s heart with us.

I have known some children in families I was convinced if not possessed were at least under the serious influence of evil.

Yet to hear that mother speak of her children, you would have thought they were the holiest saints in the world.


Was she bias? She has pronounced them blessed.

3. Is this not the same way father God does with us?

Romans 4:18-21 is an account of how God looks at us with rose colored glasses.

Samson in Heb. 11 is also true of this

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