Summary: David committed adultery, and murder by proxie. And God brought a terrible but just judgment upon him that was rightly deserved. But then in Acts 13 we read that David was a man after God's own heart. How can that be?

This sermon series is what I call “Comeback Kings.” It describes the lives of people in Scripture who had had potential for greatness, but whose lives were shattered because of something they or others had done. Ultimately, though they achieved victory from lives of defeat and became “comeback kings.” The following is the story of one such man (read II Samuel 11:1-15).

OPEN: When things go wrong in our lives, there are many Christians will say: “Do not live with regret. Everything happens for a reason.” In other words – EVERYTHING that happens has been brought about by God… it’ll be OK. In fact, someone carried that a little further – “Everything happens for a reason… just believe.”

Now I appreciate those thoughts, but my take on Scripture is a little different. I tend to think: “Everything happens for a reason… sometimes the reason is you’re stupid and you make bad decisions.”

(The opening featured 3 meme’s with the words I quote)

Now, that’s kinda what’s happening in the story we read this morning. David has been stupid… and He made some really bad decisions. But before we get to that part of his story, let’s recap what has happened in David’s life up to this point.

We’re first introduced to him he’s just a young shepherd boy taking care of his daddy’s sheep. And David loves God so much - that he spends his time out in the fields thinking about God, writing songs about God, and meditating on God’s law all day long. David loves God so much he can’t imagine a day that he isn’t praising God and spending every moment in His presence.

And that’s what he’s doing – singing, praising and meditating in the fields - when God sends the prophet Samuel to find him and anoint him to replace Saul as the next King of Israel. Saul had once been a fairly decent King, but had ultimately fallen into pride and disobedience to the point where God told him he would lose his throne to another man.

Right after David is anointed, we find David taking food to his brothers on the battlefront as Israel is in a war against the Philistines. And as David reaches the camp just as a huge warrior from the Philistine side makes fun of the Israelites and insults the God of Israel. David is incensed that an man would be foolish as to insult his God… and he says so. Next thing you know – David is facing the giant on the field of battle. What’s that giant’s name? That’s right - Goliath. And David takes the big man down and begins his career as a mighty warrior for Israel and God. He is such a successful warrior that the people of Israel begin to sing his praises, and his popularity causes King Saul to become jealous of him. Several times Saul seeks to kill David, but eventually Saul dies in battle… and David becomes King.

For the next 20 years David is a great King and he leads the armies of Israel in victory over many of their enemies. And that brings us to our story today.

David’s is now in his 60’s. And we’re told “it was in the spring of the year, the time when kings go out to battle.” Kings are supposed to be at war… but David isn’t out at the battle front? Where’s David at? DAVID STAYED HOME!

If this is the time when King were out on the battlefield, why did David stay home? Well, there was this lady that lives next door. She’s the wife of one of David’s trusted warriors and friends. He’s part of the elite force known as David’s 30 mighty men. His name was Uriah. His wife’s name was Bathsheba… and I think David had seen her on the roof before. I think he’d seen her taking her bath a few times in the past. And she was nude. What’s more, I think Bathsheba knows he’s been watching, and she finds herself attracted to him. After all, Uriah may be a mighty man of war, but David was a wealthy man, a man of power and influence – and David obviously likes how she looks. She’s young, she’s pretty, and her husband is out of town…

Now if this scene were played out on most TV shows of our day, this would be where the lights would dim, and the romantic music would start. You can see the look of desire in his eyes, and the look of desire in hers… and you almost feel yourself rooting for these two to fall into bed. I mean, after all, they were “meant for each other.”

As the old Country song goes: “If loving you is wrong… I don’t wanna be right.” Yeah, it’s wrong, but hubby’s out of town and he’ll never know, and - after all – who’s it gonna hurt?

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