Summary: In these days there are many things that go against a MAN being a MAN! The number one thing that goes against it, is the man himself. I randomly asked 10 men if they had a relationship with God and 7 of them said no. it was those 7 who in fact are havi

A Man of God & FOR God!

Genesis Chapters 6-8

I. A man of God is obedient. (V.9)

• Obedience [To God] is a life preserver that will always save your life.

I Samuel 15:22 ( better than Sacrifice)

• Whatever you are willing to obey has your heart.

• Whenever you are obedient, you find favor with God.

• TRANSLATION: God will begin to look out for you

• The word obedience means in TOTAL. (Explain.)

• Delayed obedience is still disobedience.

• You can never make up through sacrifice what you lose through disobedience. (money example)

Isaiah 1:19 (& you can eat of all the land)

• Obedience has NOTHING to do with knowledge.

• EX: I could know the correct way to get drive to Mexico, but if I don’t follow it, it means SQUAT!!!

• In the same sense you can have all the Bible knowledge in the world, if you don’t follow it you are kidding yourself.

James 4:17 (to know and not do it is a sin)

• How did Noah obey? (V.9)

a. Consistently followed God.

b. Enjoyed a close relationship with God.

• Everything starts with your obedience to God and his word.

II. A man of God SHOWS his faith [in God] (V.14)

• It is possible to be obedient without faith, but it is impossible to have faith without being obedient.

• Your faith will make you look like a fool at certain times.

I Corinthians 4:10 (fools but wise in Christ)

• Fool because you move from the things you used to do, to the things God wants you to do.

II Corinthians 5:17 (New creature)

• Faith will have you doing things you would NEVER do before.

• If someone told me that I would have be preaching at my present age, I would have laughed in their face.

• You will do things that “normal” people wouldn’t do. (Tithe even when bills are due, pray even though the situation looks HOPELESS…etc.)

• People will look at you like you are half an idiot.

• How did Noah show his faith?

a. God Asked Noah to build an Ark, and gave him directions: That’s EASY.

b. Hebrews 11:7 ( acted on Gods words about something that never happened before)

c. Hard part is, it never rained before, so he didn’t know what an ark or a flood even were

III. A man of God leads his family (V. 18)

• Lead (verb): to guide in direction, course, action, opinion.

• The 21 irrefutable laws of leadership: Leadership is influence, nothing more nothing less.

• This is the hard part. There are so many things going against it.

a. The nation is so anti-family

b. Everything in life is all about independence

c. The concept of blended families

d. The emergence of the Woman taking on a fatherly role. (don’t get cocky; LISTEN)

• We are to take our role as men of God and LEAD!

Psalms 112:1-10 (Vs 1-2:blessed is the man who finds fear in God, his children will be mighty in the land)

• You wife, or any one who you have in your care have an OBLIGATION to follow you ONLY if you are following the word of God and all he has for you!!!!

• Leading will cause you not be the popular one in the household.

• Popularity is for punks!

• Quote: “If you want to direct the choir, you have to turn your back on the crowd”

• Bring back standards, morals, values into our children.

• What ever happened to the big daddy in the household that all the kids in the neighborhood were scared of?


• Where is the man of God that will take his kids; not to baseball, not to flower picking but to the house of God EACH Sunday!!

• We need to have the follow me as I follow Christ attitude.

• That is what this borough needs; men husbands, fathers, brothers who will lead their families back to Christ.

• And to keep them focused. When a head turns, you turn it back!

Colossians 2:19 (The head is where everything comes from)

• How did Noah lead?

a. SIMPLE; he built the ark.

b. He and his fam. put the pedal to the medal. How? They didn’t hear from God, they heard from Noah.

c. There is no recollection of Noah’s family complaining, so either they respected him, or they knew that he wouldn’t make a move that wasn’t approved by God.

IV. A man of God follows through (Chapter 8:15)


• Being a Christian for 1 day is cool… 1 year is better, 10 years is great… but it gets harder to stick it out.

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