Summary: Theme: "The Blessing Of A Woman"

I. The Isolation Of The Man (v. 18-20)

A. Man Needs Company (v. 18a)

B. Man Needs Completion (v. 18b)

C. Man Needs Compatibility (v. 18c)

D. Man Needs Companionship (v. 19-20)

1. The Need Is Evident (v. 19-20a)

2. The Nature Is Exposed (v. 20b)

II. The Invention Of The Mate (v.21-22a)

A. It Involved Sleep (v. 21a)

B. It Involved Surgery (v. 21b)

C. It Involved Symbolism (v. 22a)

III. The Institution Of The Marriage (v.22b-24)

A. Man Receives (v. 22b)

B. Man Believes (v. 23)

C. Man Leaves (v. 24a)

D. Man Cleaves (v. 24b)

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