Summary: A sermon based off of Acts 2:42 and the breaking of bread, depicting the importance of Christian communion each week!

A Matter of Great Importance!

Day of Atonement

They provided the lamb

It is reversed today

God provided the Lamb

He died once for all

This is the single most important event in history

We have the opportunity to remember it each week

We remind everyone that Jesus died for our sins

Acts 2:42; 1 Corinthians 11:23-26

Attitudes about communion

Hurry up and get this over with

Sermon is next, when that’s done we can go home

A tradition in the middle of church

A better snack illustration

Dangers in not sacrificing the lamb right

Dangers in not taking communion right

Unworthy manner and guilty of the body and blood of Jesus

We are all unworthy

It is this attitude of the person

Irreverent, impenitent

Signifies the emblems

In an unworthy manner is a sin against the Lord

It’s crucifying the Son of God again

Judgment on yourself from Jesus

Examine yourself

“Attitude check”

Don’t take it with a bad attitude

“One of you will betray Me”

No priest or minister involved

After examination, you may take the Lord’s supper

W/O examination you are only eating and drinking


Krima- judgment not damnation

Examples are in v. 30

Weak, sick and asleep

Physical or Spiritual?

Improper observance of the Lord’s Supper leads to:

Hardening of the heart

Increased coldness and dullness in the service of God

Loss of favor with God

Spiritual death

Condemned eternally at the final judgment

Katakrithomen- condemnation Krima- judgment

Careless Christians can be condemned too

Think this is an important subject now?

Spanking or no fireworks!

Judge yourself rightly now or be judged at final judgment


What were you thinking about during communion today?

Show video clip!

What were you thinking about during communion today?

How does your attitude look compared to Jesus?

Change your attitude toward communion and Jesus today!

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