Summary: This message is a part of my series called Facing the Giants that focuses on facing our fears in life. This message deals with our fear of death and answers the OT question, if a man dies will he live again?

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“A Matter of Life and Death”

Final Message Facing the Giants

What it would be like if a man came riding a horse down Ridge Road this morning announcing that He was God. Would it make the newspaper? Yes. Would it be on the evening news? Probably. Would most people believe him? Probably not.

Through the years a number of men have come forward saying that they are the Messiah, the promised one. One of those men was named Theudas. He came forward around 45 AD and ask everyone to take up their possessions and follow him to the Jordan River. He said that when they got there he would part the waters. According to the historian Josephus, not to be confused with Bocephus the musician, Josephus tells us that many followed him and many died as a result.

Another man, Simon Magus asked people to follow him and he promised to fly through the air. He jumped off a mountain. He’s dead.

But back to the question...what if am man came riding a horse down Ridge Road this morning claiming to be God? We would likely find it very hard to accept...very hard to believe. About 2000 years ago, we believe on a Sunday Jesus came down the main street of Jerusalem, riding on a donkey announcing that He was God and that all who would believe would live forever. Hundreds of prophecies from the OT were fulfilled in what happened that week that we now call Holy Week.

The sequence went something like this...

Sunday...triumphant entry. People are waving Palm branches ready to make Him King.

Monday...Jesus threw the money changers out of the temple.

Tuesday..very busy day. He preaches..teaches several parables... That day Judas agrees to betray Jesus. record.

Thursday...prepared for Passover. Washes the disciple’s feet. Identifies Judas as the one who would betray Him. Institutes the Lord’s supper. Prays so hard he sweats drops of blood.

Friday... arrested, placed on trial by Annas, then Caiaphas, then Pilate, then Herod, then Pilate again. He is crucified on the cross and then buried in a borrowed tomb.

Saturday... He lies in the tomb.

Sunday... Jesus Mary Magdalene. Then to the other women. The guards report His resurrection. Then He appears to 2 disciples...then to 10 w/o Thomas...a week later to disciples with Thomas. Then to 7 by the sea. Then to 500. He gave some final words and then ascended to Heaven.

When I recount this list of events I see 3 events that clearly stand out....... the institution of the Lord’s supper, the crucifixion and the resurrection. All 3 of these events speak to what I would call life and death issues. They are all matters of life and death. In al 3 we see all 3 we see life.

In the OT book of Job, we remember that Job has faced one trial after another, lost his home, his material possessions, his children, his wife and his 3 friends are questioning him about his faith. How can he serve a God who allows these things. Job comes back with a great question in chapter 14. Job 14:14.

Man has attempted to answer that question in a variety of ways through the years. Some say they have had near death experiences and that for a moment they were able to lok into eternity...into Heaven and they describe it in their latest book.

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