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Summary: We don’t know how old the earth is. Geologists measure its age by layers of sediment. Archaeologists date the planet by associated layers of sediment and carbon dating. Classic physicists measure the age of the universe by the speed at which light trav

A message for all time Revelation 1:1-6

Beginning: We don’t know how old the earth is. Geologists measure its age by layers of sediment. Archaeologists date the planet by associated layers of sediment and carbon dating. Classic physicists measure the age of the universe by the speed at which light travels. Quantum physicists measure the universe in almost infinitely small pieces. The Bible is not interested in dating the creation event or the age of the earth. The Bible is interested in telling the story of redemption.

We now stand on the threshold of the third year of the third millennium. I find myself asking, “Will this be the last year or last millennium? Will we blow ourselves up or invent and release some bio-toxin that will end human life? Or will this be the year Jesus comes back?”

Many of are hooked on the Left behind series which deal with a period of time when the world is in chaos preceding his second coming. This series of books has opened the door for many to come to know Jesus.

Burden: I pray this message encourages you to follow Jesus more nearly, see him more clearly and love him more dearly.

Background: This vision is given to John in typical apocalyptic imagery.

Revelation is a book that asks the reader to generally interpret its message figuratively.

One would literally interpret a Gospel or a pastoral letter from Paul, but apocalyptic literature uses bold strokes of the painters brush. It is more of a guide book than a book of specifics and minute details. The visions within the book are abstract paintings that communicate emotions like doom mixed with warnings and of course the final thrill of ultimate victory of good over evil.

Revelation is short on Christian ethics. Aside from the fiery injunction to remain faithful and even be willing to die for Jesus the book is thin on day to day living help.

When you get passed the letters to the seven churches the message of Revelation is troubling. The apocalypse says, God is mad at sinners. Deal with it.

The weight of the Biblical message gives a counter weight to this wrath. But if one only had the book of Revelation (apocalypse) it would be difficult, not impossible, to find grace and good news.

As the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world steps forward we get the clearest view of the plan of redemption. It is a book worth reading and preaching.

Basic Truth: With the right background of understanding and interpretative skill the book of Revelation has something to say to every millennium.

Big Question: What is the book of Revelation saying to my generation?

Jesus is the future

Rev 1:1 The revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show his servants what must soon take place. He made it known by sending his angel to his servant John,

John exiled on a Mediterranean island received a heavenly visitor. The angel came to show John the future so he could deliver it to the saints who would populate the planet in the millennia to follow.

The vision is about Jesus the Christ. It is about Jesus moving across history. It is about Him ending history. It is about him leading His children into eternity. Its scope is infinite and immeasurable.

I enjoy looking at pictures of my ancestors. I also enjoy taking family pictures because pictures connect us with both the past and the future.

Jesus wants you to have a family picture. His revelation is a picture of the future family as well as the past. We don’t know the future, but we know who the future is.

Life Application:

#1.Don’t miss the whole plan of God by thinking the future is other than Jesus.

#2.If you are investing in anything else-rethink it-repent and be converted.

TS: The future is not about Jesus, it is Jesus. The next message the apocalypse gives is just as profound.

Jesus is the only thing true

Rev 1:2 Who testifies to everything he saw--that is, the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ.

John stands before the combined human population, raises his hand and swears that what he is telling us is true.

God can not lie because he is the truth, and John swears to be truthful in passing this vision on. This testimony comes from 2 witnesses

There have been, and will be, many false messiahs. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Jesus is the good shepherd!

Virtual reality is changing the way companies develop new products. With VR we can experience existences never possible for earth bound people. Jesus is no VR.

He can’t be experienced any way but the real way. He is the real thing.

In a recent movie titled The Matrix the entire population of earth, except a few people, was being used by aliens as batteries. All their lives were nothing more than computer generated realities. Since they didn’t know any difference they were content with their perceived truth.

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