Summary: Consider Jesus who is greater than the prophets and angels and who was appointed by God. Fix your minds upon Him.


Have you ever found yourself fixated on a project, a person, a hobby or an idea? I tend to be the type of person that can easily become fixated on something. For example, this week we were doing some restructuring of the basement facilities. I found myself moving furniture several times to see which way the rooms would fit best. I woke up early one morning because all I could think of was this project and how to best accomplish it.

Another thing that I have been fixated on recently is Roller Coaster Tycoon 3. It was a present over the holiday season, but only in the past week have I been able to play the computer game because I didn’t have the right support software on my computer. Once I had it all set up, however, I found myself playing for hours and totally lost in time. I was fixated on building the best amusement park and keeping all of my little ‘syms’ satisfied with lots of good food to eat, souvenirs to buy, and roller coasters to ride.

But like all hobbies that I have gotten fixated on, at some point I will get bored with the game and move on. For example several years ago I took up golf. For awhile I was consumed with the game. I would pick up golf magazines and read about it. I took several lessons. I shopped for better equipment. And I’d think about when is the next time I can play golf.

The only problem: I stunk. And so over time the obsession with golf started to wane. I still enjoy it, and I look forward to playing, but it is more of a hobby now rather than an obsession.

This morning I have titled the sermon: A Mind Fixed on Jesus. I wonder how many of us find ourselves simply playing at our Christian Faith, a sort of Sunday hobby that we have, but one that no longer holds our passion.

I often find myself reading about the past lives of celebrities. I enjoy picking up “People” and “Entertainment’ or watching the biographies of musicians, actors, and sports personalities. One of the things that has amazed me is how many of them admit to a “Jesus phase” in their past. Perhaps they grew up in a church, or they were involved in a ‘born again” group of some kind. Many of them walked away from the church or from their Christian friends. They no longer believe as they once did, and they have moved on to other passions and pursuits in their lives.

A question I want us to ponder this morning: Is our Christianity just a phase, or a hobby, or an occasional diversion in our lives, or is our relationship with Jesus Christ so vital, so passionate that one could say we are fixated on Christ? Do we find ourselves waking up in the morning thinking about Him, wondering how we could serve Him better or get to know Him better? Do we spend hours reading, studying, and praying all in a desire to know Him more? Or has our faith become just a side-bar in our crowded lives?

My theme this morning is this: A mind fixed on Jesus will be full of courage and hope!

Look again at verse 1

“Therefore, (in view of all the things we have studied in the first two chapters – Jesus is greater than the prophets of old and than the Angels. He is God’s Son and worthy of our full attention), holy brothers, who share in the heavenly calling, fix your thoughts on Jesus, the apostle and high priest whom we confess.”

1. Jesus alone is to be the object of our devotion!

There are many things in 21st century American Christianity that can distract us from pure and undivided devotion of Christ. We have been so blessed with Christian Music, Christian Authors, Christian speakers and churches on every corner that we can easily fall into fads, and followers of men. How many times have we as Christians been guilty of focusing on a person or a place rather than on Jesus Christ?

In America we find Christians who follow the cult of the personality. They are Swindoll – hites or Lucado-hites. They love Charles Stanley, or Beth Myers, or Pat Robertson. It is easy in our culture to get caught up in the ministry of a person and lose sight of the Lord, Jesus Christ.

Some Christians are totally into Christian Music or a certain worship style. I can’t tell you how many times I have had conversations with individuals who felt they could no longer worship at our church because our worship didn’t fit their style preference. If our preferences start to take precedent over Jesus Christ, then there is something wrong. We can easily start to worship worship rather than the risen Lord.

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