Summary: A personal Example of Jesus and ministry

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“A Model To Follow”

April 2, 2000 AM - Danny L. Williams


John 13:1-20

Read the over head…..

Over the next several week’s this is the challenge that is before us.

The book of John is divided into two section’s you could say.

The first 11-12 chapter’s deal with Jesus’ public ministry and the

But John 11:54 say’s that Jesus walked no more openly among the Jews.

He realized that his time was short and that the Jews wanted to kill him.

So he pulled back to spend time with his disciples and to continue to develop his intimate relationship with them.

In Fact from Chapter 13: on is only a few hour’s in the life of Christ in a span over 33 yr’s.

But John has given us a great deal of insight into the last few hour’s of Jesus.

And one of those is the account we have just read about what many call the last supper or the institution of the Lord’s supper.

Now what I want us to look at today is the four characteristics that are displayed by Christ in this 13th chapter

First of all If we are going to be a friend Like Jesus was….Friend’s------------

Serve In Love

There are three ingredient’s of Love I want to share with you… in your notes….

Number 1 is that Jesus’ Love and friend’s love is:

1. Undeterred

“He continued to love them right to the end”

John 13:1 (The Message)

It has been said and we talked about this last week, that If you have 2 or 3 friend’s in life, then you are a fortunate person.

See: most of us have acquaintances but few of us have real friends.

The definition of a friend is someone that knows you and still likes you……

A friend is someone that you can just be your self around.

A friend is someone who will love you till the end..

Even when you act like a JERK>>>>>

And all of us do……

See: we all have those moment’s of

lapsing into la la land….

Secondly Jesus’ Love and a friend’s love is

2. Unconditional

“Having already put it into the heart of Judas Iscariot, Simon’s son to betray Him John 13:2

Now we read here in Vs. 3-4 Jesus is about to was his disciples feet.

Question Did Jesus wash Judas’ Feet?

SEE: If that had been me and I had gotten to Judas’ feet, I would have been tempted to pull the Hairs.

Now I’m just being honest…

I think I might just even pass over him because This guy was about to betray me…

But Jesus washed his feet also…

That is unconditional Love.

This love is not based on If you treat me nice then I will treat you nice.

If you say nice things to me I’ll do the same, or compliment me.

Out of the abundance of the Heart the mouth speaks.

Not only was Jesus’ love undeterred and unconditional but,

The third characteristic that Jesus showed,

Was that his love was

3. Unselfish

“laid aside His garment; and taking a towel, girded Himself” John 13:4 (NAS)

The son of God got up from the table and he went and did what should have already been done to him….

Jesus was the honored Guest, and they should have washed his feet.

Luke 22:say’s that the disciples argued among them selves about who was the greatest.

See, if peter washed their feet it would be a position of humility and servant hood but Peter was not about to wash any body’s feet.

Now I’m not asking you to go and wash your friend’s feet but,

Do you have that attitude toward your friend’s.

Is it so unselfish that even if they don’t call you they are still your friend?

You say>>>> Well they never called, and they know I’m having problems.

Well did you ever think they maybe having problems also?

It doesn’t matter mine are bigger..

Isn’t that the way we think?

Our problem’s are always’ bigger and more important?

Now it may be a phone call, or a card or my Christmas Present cost more than theirs

Now I heard a pastor tell a story about a family that at Christmas they would buy present’s for other’s they would leave the price tag on the gift so you would know how much they spent.

Some of you are going did you tell him?

But they didn’t tell you they got it 75% off.

You know Some time’s I really out do my self and Act like a complete Jerk..

We all do. But Jesus took the position of a servant.

In one of the greatest Hour’s of Jesus’ need he did not ask to be served but he served.

Now I confess to you church, That in my greatest need I want people to wait on me.

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