Summary: The Wonderful Name of Jesus analyzed in Hebrews 1

(14) Glorious Titles of The Lord Jesus Christ


(Hebrews 1)

1. The Son of God (v.2,5, 8)

2. The Heir of All Things (v.2, 4)

3. The Creator of the Universe (v.2)

4. The Brightness of God’s Glory (v.3)

5. The Express Image of God’s Person (v.3)

6. The Upholder (Sustainer) of All Things (v.3) ’A MORE EXCELLENT NAME’

7. The Purger of Our Sins (v.3) [Great High Priest]

8. The Prince of Heaven (v.3)

9. The First Begotten (v.4; Revelation 1:5)

10. The Eternal God (v.8)

11. The Righteous King (v.8)

12. The Anointed One (v.9)

13. The Unchanging Lord (v.10-12)

14. The Prince of the Kings of the Earth (v.13; Revelation 1:5)

The More Excellent Name of Jesus

(New Testament Teaching on the Name of Jesus)

1. Asking in the Name 2. Calling on the Name 3. Baptizing in the Name 4. Healing in the Name

5. Speaking in the Name 6. Teaching in the Name 7. Signs & Wonders in the Name 8. Suffering for the Name

9. Preaching in the Name 10. Calling on the Name 11. Bearing the Name 12. Suffering for the Name

13. Calling on the Name 14. Preaching in the Name 15. Speaking Boldly in the Name 16. Remission of Sins

In the Name

17. Baptized in the Name 18. Taking out a People for the Name 19. Calling on the Name 20. Hazarding Lives

For the Name

21. Commanding Evil Spirits in the Name 22. Baptized in the Name 23. Magnifying the Name

24. Dying for the Name 25. Calling on the Name 26. Washed, Sanctified, Justified in the Name

27. Anointing in the Name 28. Believing in the Name

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