Summary: God is no respecter of person. He can use the most ill-repute to accomplish His works. Rahab is one of such that demonstrated a living faith and courage in the midst of fear.

The Unlikely Woman Rahab

Text: Hebrew 11:30-35

Message: A Woman of True Faith

Further Reading: Joshua 2: 6:

The bible cannot be read without coming across the story of many godly and ungodly women circumstantially placed in historical position. It is not news that God used some to accomplish His determined purpose as judges, spies, warriors, prophetess, leaders, musicians and philanthropist. Through some of them we can learn the lessons of life knowing what to do and not to do at any given occasion. They can be found in both testaments. Today let me introduce to you Rahab, a real woman so intriguing that lived about 1450 years before Christ.

The name have several meaning as used in Psalms 87:4 and 89:10. She is a Canaanite, gentile, sinner and lived as a prostitute with many negatives that can shut any person out of a civil society. What an unlikely candidate by all worldly standard mentioned in the annals of the Bible.

A real and common person showing real courage and becoming a uncommon pillar of faith. She lived in the city of Jericho in the land of Canaan. Historically the Canaanites were idolaters that practice religious child sacrifices to appease their gods. The nation was filled with serious sexual perversion where sodomy and other vices were commonplace. They had temples built to their gods and goddesses with male and female prostitutes.

Rahab lived in such a place and time. She never led an army not went to battle at any given time but she is the heroine of the story. She was instrumental in helping the Israelites win the battle against the Amorites of Jericho. She had no merits to recommend her but was destined by God to appear at the right time of history. She was an outstanding woman of exemplary courage and faith.

Moreover she is mentioned twice alongside with Abraham the giant of our faith in two books of the New Testament. In addition, she is one of the two women mentioned by name (Sarah and Rahab) in the roll call of women of faith. Her name is mentioned alongside with Joshua as the only two names in the second chapter of the book of Joshua. That must be a mistake, how can it be you might think? But God is not a respecter of person Acts 10:34.

However in the eleventh chapter of Hebrew we can notice the absence of the name of Joshua the hero and commander of the army of Israel. Why did the author omit his name and mentioned the name of Rahab? That is the more reason the story is worthy to be told. It was to reveal that the battle was won by faith and not by the might of man. The Holy Spirit was showing the important contribution of women to the ministry. She is a perfect example of the riches of the grace of God. Her story shines out as a beacon of hope for the hopeless and strength in the midst of weakness. For God chooses the weak things, despised, foolish to bring to nothing the wisdom of this world 1 Corinthian 1:26-31.

God choose and position women in strategic places to fulfill certain purpose at the opportune time without hesitation. In the Old Testament period we had women like Sarah, Rebecca, Leah, Miriam, Deborah, Jael, Ruth, Esther, and Abigail. In the New Testament Mary the mother of Jesus Christ, Mary and Martha, Mary Magdalene, Lydia, Priscilla, Phebe, and more. Without them the Bible would have not have met its objective as reaching out to all irrespective of their genders.

I have chosen to speak on this woman as a way of celebrating our sisters and mothers in the Lord in this church. Many are the silent power house behind our smooth services. They contribute in several innovative ways to the good of the congregation. There are also many in our churches and in the society that are so active yet neglected, sidelined, and rejected.

Rahab is an example of those that have not seen but believed according to the word of the Lord in John 20:29. She had believed God divided the Red sea and drowned the Egyptian army. What a great faith. Joshua 2:9-12

Why did God Choose Rahab? This is the first question to be asked that deserve an answer.

• God choose Rahab as a witness against the twelve spies: Number 13: Remember that Moses sent the twelve spies that brought the evil report back helping to discourage the congregation from going to take over the promise Land. According to Rahab account the giants and all the inhabitants of the land trembled with fear after hearing what happened to the kings of Amorites across the river and the Egyptians. Rahab saw the giants as cowards and grasshoppers but the spies saw them as Great and mighty warriors and themselves as grasshoppers.

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