Summary: This sermon is designed to encourage Mothers, not increase their guilt or anxiety about Mother’s Day, which can be a traumatic day for some people.

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“A Mother’s Day Card From God”

Proverbs 31:10

INTRODUCTION: Today is “Mother’s Day”!

I have a PROBLEM with Mother’s Day!

It’s not that I don’t LIKE Mother’s Day … or that I DISAGREE with it … or that I DREAD it.

My PROBLEM is … that I don’t know how to preach a good Mother’s Day sermon.

Mother’s Day is perhaps (for me) the most difficult sermon to preach all year.

I have preached many Mother’s Day sermons.

Last Year – “A Mother’s Life” – an expose on motherhood.

2001 – “The Heart Of A Mother” – The Shunammite Mother – 2 Kings Ch. 4

2000 – “How To Treat A Lady” – Not very popular with the men!

1996 – “Jezebel – A Mother In Contrast” – my favorite M.D. Message! (Harriet doesn’t like this one!)

WHY is it so HARD to preach a Mother’s Day message?

BECAUSE … While Mother’s Day can be a very happy, joyous day … it can also be a very sad day … a day of pain & grief.

Not everybody looks forward to Mother’s Day.

o Maybe you have recently lost your mother … and you are experiencing the pain of your loss.

o Maybe you have lost a child … and your heart grieves on Mother’s Day.

o Maybe you are having difficulties with your Mother … your Mother wasn’t the IDEAL Mother we like to preach about … and you have bad memories of your Mother.

o Maybe you have some guilt feelings about your motherhood … and you have children problems … or marriage problems.

o Maybe you were never able to have children … and Mother’s Day isn’t a joyous occasion for you.

o Maybe you never had a real mother … and were raised in a foster home, or by relatives.

o Maybe you are a single Mom … and are struggling with being a good Mother to your children.

Not every home is like the “Cleavers” … or the “Brady Bunch” … or “Father Knows Best” … or the “Ozzie & Harriet Nelson Family”.

Maybe your home is more like the “Ozzie Osbourne Family” than it is the “Ozzie Nelson Family”!

Some of you have been raised in good Christian homes … HAVE wonderful parents … and ARE wonderful parents.

I thank God for you … and you should thank God, too … AMEN?

TODAY, I want to ENCOURAGE each of you … especially the Mothers.

Each of you have been affected by Motherhood in 1 way or another … for good or bad.

Everyone here either: HAS a mother … HAD a mother … IS a mother … is MARRIED to a mother … or KNOWS a mother.

Motherhood has affected you in 1 way or another.

I have a message for you today, this Mother’s Day, from God.

I want to read to you “A Mother’s Day Card Sent From God”.

Most Mother’s Day Cards have a little message printed inside of them.

You go to great care to pick out one that matches your sentiments for your mother.

It’s important what’s written in a Mother’s Day Card.

If you buy a CHRISTIAN card, there is usually a verse of Scripture printed in the card.

That’s what God’s Mother’s Day Card has in it (see bulletin insert).

Mothers have a very difficult job … more of a MINISTRY than a job.

God doesn’t bless you with Motherhood … then leave you to hang out to dry.

He’s given you His Word … to encourage you … help you … bless you … comfort you … give you direction.

This is God’s Mother’s Day Message to you … pick out the verse that applies to you, as a Mother … it’s God’s message to you:


MOTHERS … Have you ever been DISCOURAGED?

Motherhood isn’t for the weak or faint-hearted, IS IT?

Mothers need a lot of encouragement … on a daily basis.

Listen to what God writes on the inside of His Mother’s Day Card to you:

Isaiah 40:28-31 – all turn

When you feel like giving up … DON’T!

WHY? Because God “understands” – 40:28b

Can you identify with 40:29?

Here is your word of encouragement from God – 40:31, 41:10

MOTHERS, when you get DISCOURAGED, open up God’s Mother’s Day Card, and read His message to you …

… and then you can say along with the Apostle Paul … “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.” - Philippians 4:13


MOTHERS … Have you ever gotten ANGRY with your kids?

If you haven’t, you need to be nominated for sainthood!

Listen to what God has written on the inside of His Mother’s Day card to you:

Ephesians 4:26 – all turn

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Victor Pena

commented on Apr 11, 2007

It's an excellent message. It really bless me as I read through it. Thank you. God Bless

Mark Surbrook

commented on Apr 24, 2007

Great encouragement for moms! Thank You

Jon Evans

commented on Nov 28, 2014

Nice message, but didn't ever actually get around to any link or exposition of the Scripture it references...

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